PS4 6.71 System Software Update | New PS4 update today

Boot up your Sony system (and have it in sleep mode with downloads available) and you’ll see the PS4 6.71 System Software Update now available to download and install. This new PS4 update today does more of the usual, implementing improvements to system performance. If you’re new to the PS4 scene, you might have been expecting a better explanation than this, but no, the specifics are kept tightly under wraps. Here’s what you need to know about the PS4 6.71 System Software Update.

PS4 6.71 System Software Update Patch Notes

PS4 6.71 System Software Update

The PS4 6.71 System Software Update full list of patch notes is unfortunately very brief, containing only one single bullet point: “This system software update improves system performance.” As for what exactly these improvements to system performance are, it isn’t clear.

What we do know is that the patch weighs in at 463 MB, meaning it shouldn’t take too long to download for anyone with an average internet connection. Though, do bear in mind the additional installation time, as that can sometimes add on 10+ minutes!

Once the new PS4 update has been installed, players will be able to continue playing online, a privilege that is suspending when a new system update is available for download.

Main features in version 6.71 update

  • This system software update improves system performance

If you’d prefer for these new PS4 patches to be downloaded and installed automatically, then head to System Settings and ensure that the “Automatic Downloads” option is checked. Provided your console is in Sleep Mode, downloads should be automatically downloaded and installed as soon as they become available.

Future updates promise more interesting features than the simple improvement to “system performance” seen with the PS4 6.71 update. A PS4 party group size increase will soon be getting tested, along with better quality chat audio. So if system performance tweaks don’t excite you, perhaps a boost to party chat size will!