PS4 party chat size increase and quality improvement will be tested

A PS4 party chat size increase is in the works. While PC Gamers are well familiar with the likes of Discord or Skype, console gamers have to rely on built-in voice chat functions to talk with their friends on their consoles. Now, Sony is talking about rolling out several improvements to their party system for the PlayStation 4 — and you’ll have the chance to test it.

A blog post from the official PlayStation Blog states that a PS4 party chat size increase is one of several features that Sony is going to be testing in the coming days. Party size is going to be increased from its current eight participants up to a maximum of 16. Moreover, there is going to be improved audio quality for voice chat and better network connectivity across the board.

Of course, Sony is like any other company and they’re reluctant to just roll out a new feature without testing it out first. Thankfully, you can be one of the first people to see the PS4 party chat size increase in action for yourself. A preview code is going to be made available at a later date that will let you see these new features in action. What’s more, your preview code can be used by up to 20 qualifying accounts.

It’s important to note one caveat with the PS4 party chat size increase test: if you do decide to participate when it goes live, you’ll effectively be cut off from anyone who isn’t in the beta alongside you. That’s one of the many reasons why your preview code can bring along up to 20 people in total.

PS4 owners in the United States are also going to get the opportunity to test out another feature. The PS4 Second Screen app will be able to transcribe voice chat into text on your second screen. At the moment, this new feature will only be available in English.

The blog closes out by qualifying that all of these upcoming features will be in testing and subject to change. We’ll hear more about how to sign up to test the PS4 party chat size increase in the near future.