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Rocket League 1.63 Update Patch Notes

The Rocket League 1.63 update is now live for PS4, Xbox One, and PC players. However, don’t expect Psyonix to go and re-invent the wheel. This is very much a stopgap update focused on tweaking a few issues and ensuring the game is running as smoothly as possible with a summer event on the horizon. With that being said, there are still a handful of important changes you need to be made aware of, so we’ll go through them below and then send the Rocket League 1.63 update patch notes your way.

Rocket League 1.63 Update Patch Notes

Rocket League 1.63 Update

New Antennae

Three antennae are coming to Rocket League, courtesy of the Monstercast mash-up. They are: Julian Calor, Snavs, and the wonderfully-named Xilent.

DeLorean changes

The hitbox of the DeLorean, the Back to the Future DLC car, has changed. While that doesn’t mean much to many, the shift from a Octane hitbox to a Dominus one, especially as they are similar in stature, but it might just get the edge as it’s what the pros tend to favor.

Friends List changes

The Friends List now has a feature that, honestly, should have been in from the very start. You can now block players via the in-game Friends List as well as, of course, unblocking them if you so require. This will mean you’ll stop receiving notifications and invites from them in Rocket League, and they won’t be able to tell if you’re online. However, this won’t block them from your respective platform’s friend list; you’ll have to do that yourself.

Trading exploit fix

Some pesky players were (somehow) being able to display Customization items which were non-certified as certified items. This, of course, led to some feeling massively short-changed by deals. Thankfully, Psyonix has buffed that one out, so you should be safe in the knowledge that, when it comes to trades, what you see is what you get.

Rocket League 1.63 Update Patch Notes

Rocket League 1.63 Update


Monstercat (Antennae)

  • ‘Julian Calor’
  • ‘Snavs’
  • ‘Xilent’



  • ‘DeLorean Time Machine’ hitbox has been changed from Octane to Dominus
  • Lighting has been adjusted on ‘Salty Shores’ based on community feedback

Friends List

  • You can now block players through the in-game Friends List
  • Once you block a player, you will no longer receive notifications from them, and your online presence will not be visible to them
  • Remember that you may still be friends with this player through your platform’s friend’s list
    • Blocked players will appear in the new ‘Blocked Players’ list within the Friends List menu
  • You can unblock players by selecting them from your Blocked Players list, and choosing ‘Unblock Player’

Replay FX

  • ‘Scene Depth’ Image Filter and Vignette have been adjusted
  • Two new Replay FX Image Filters have been added
    • ‘Outlines’
    • ‘Subpar’



  • In Free Play, ball now properly launches upward when playing Hoops and Dropshot
  • Re-adjusted size of rear wheels on ‘’16 Batmobile’
  • Fixed an exploit that would display non-Certified Customization Items with a certification during trading
  • Fixed sorting by “Most Recent” in inventory
  • Fixed a bug with all three Slash Beam Rocket Boosts causing framerate issues
  • Preset colors no longer change unintentionally when changing to a new Preset at the end of a match
  • Fixed the Disruptor power-up in Rumble so it no longer affects boost pick-ups
  • [Xbox One] Fixed an exploit within chat that could disrupt a match
  • [Steam] Rapidly cycling through Presets will no longer close the game
  • Players can no longer jump infinitely when sitting on top of the ball while using Spikes in Rumble
  • Fixed an issue causing a Club Tag to be filtered for only one member of a Club during an Online Match
  • Completing a trade while opening a Crate and selecting ‘Equip Now’ will no longer close the game
  • Fixed a bug causing the “Minimum score threshold not met” message to appear erroneously at the end of a match
  • Adjusted effects inside the ‘Celestial’ Wheel
  • Fixed colors on the ‘RC Rivals’ Decals
  • Attempting to trade a recently-acquired item will no longer cancel or time out the trade