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Fortnite Prop Hunt | Prop-o-matic release date guide

The prospect of a possible Fortnite Prop Hunt mode is no doubt very exciting to fans of the wildly popular battle royale experience, and so when news of a “Prop-o-matic” weapon appears on the web, it’s understandable why many players would become impatient. Expanding the Fortnite experience into something more than a last-man standing mode, instead incorporating hilarious mechanics that sees players turned into chairs and other props, has the potential to be hugely successful. As the game continues to push further with each season, it seems almost inevitable for modes like Fortnite Prop Hunt limited time mode to appear in the game. Here’s everything you need to know about the Prop-o-matic weapon and a potential Prop Hunt release date.

When is the Fortnite Prop Hunt release date and time?

Fortnite Prop Hunt

Following the release of the Fortnite 2.24 update, many dedicated dataminers took to digging through the new files, searching for unreleased content. This usually leads to new game modes and skins being mined, as well as possible teases at end-of-season events, but this time the Prop-o-matic Pro Hunt weapon was allegedly uncovered.

Twitter user @FireMonkeyFN has been the first to uncover information about the potential Fortnite Prop Hunt mode.

The description of the game mode was apparently hidden under a different name, “Puppy Hugs,” presumably to try and dissuade dataminers from finding the upcoming limited time mode.

According to FireMonkey, the Prop Hunt mode description is as follows:

“The Hunter team must use their wits and their weapons to find and eliminate the pesky props. Be aware, props make a sound every 15 seconds!”

If you’ve played Prop Hunt before, perhaps on Call of Duty or CS:GO, then you’ll know how wacky and chaotic the game type can be.

As for when we can expect to see Prop Hunt in Fortnite, the release date isn’t exactly clear. Usually we see leaked content a week or two before the official release.