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Destiny 2 Cross-Save | How cross-platform saves work

Destiny 2 is getting a cross-save feature that will let players transfer their saved game between all platforms. Cross-save in Destiny 2 will let players continue their progress on any platform they transfer to, and our Destiny 2 cross-save guide should help players get up to speed on where they can transfer their saves.

Destiny 2 cross-save | Supported platforms

Destiny 2 cross-save works on all platforms

Destiny 2‘s cross-save feature has been confirmed to work for all current-generation platforms. Initially, the announcement did not include PlayStation 4. Save transfers to and from the console were still pending approval from Sony. However, soon after the announcement was made, Bungie confirmed that it finally got approval from Sony for cross-platform saves. This means that players can even transfer Destiny 2 saved games from PlayStation 4 to its rival console the Xbox One.

In addition to this, Destiny 2‘s cross-saves also work on Stadia. This means that Destiny 2 players can easily migrate to Google’s cloud service when it launches in the fall. Of course, even for those aren’t ready to commit to cloud gaming, this still gives them the option to continue their progress anywhere on Stadia in the times when they aren’t able to bring their console or gaming PC with them.

Destiny 2 cross-save | What about exclusive content?

Destiny 2 has no more exclusives

With cross-save support coming to Destiny 2, there comes the question of exclusive content. Both Destiny 2 and its predecessor did come with a number of exclusives on Sony’s console. Well, now we know the answer: Bungie has confirmed that there will be no more exclusive content coming to Destiny 2.

Players on all platforms will now have access to the exact same content. With cross-saves, PlayStation 4 players won’t lose access to content when they bring their saves over to other platforms. This also helps alleviate concerns about PS4 players bringing exclusive gear over to other platforms.

With cross-saves enabled, Destiny 2 is one step closer to becoming a game that players can truly play anywhere. Cross-saving is a great feature that’s designed expressly for convenience, especially to gamers ready to jump into Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service.

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