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Persona 5R PC | Is Persona 5 Royal coming to other platforms?

With the recent announcement of Persona 5 Royal, people are wondering if there is going to be a Persona 5R PC version. While Atlus has traditionally remained a PlayStation developer (typically restricting their releases to the PS4 and PS Vita), an increasing number of developers have been moving towards multiplatform releases. The announcement of Persona 5 Royal makes for the perfect time for the franchise to expand beyond PlayStation’s borders, but will we see it on the PC or Xbox One?

Persona 5R PC | Will there be a Persona 5 Royal PC version?


Persona 5R PC Persona 5 Royal PC

While PC gamers have long hoped for the Persona franchise to make it to the PC, the odds aren’t good that we’ll be getting a Persona 5R PC version. A recently released F.A.Q. on the game’s official website asks and answers this question outright; here’s the machine-translated question and response:

Q. Is there a release on platforms other than PlayStation®4?

A. There is no plan at present.

It’s pretty clear cut that we won’t be getting a Persona 5 Royal PC version. However, the statement of “There is no plan at present” leaves the possibility open for the future.

Persona 5R Xbox One | Will there be a Persona 5 Royal Xbox One version?

Persona 5R PC Persona 5 Royal Xbox One

Much like the Persona 5R PC version, a Persona 5R Xbox One version would be appreciated by fans of that console. It’s sure to be popular as a good chunk of gamers own an Xbox One but not a PS4.

The above-noted F.A.Q. on the game’s official website seems to deny any possibility of a Persona 5 Royal Xbox One version, at least for the immediate future. Hopefully, Atlus will change their minds at some point and finally bring a Persona game to the Xbox ecosystem.

Persona 5R Nintendo Switch | Will there be a Persona 5 Royal Nintendo Switch version?

Persona 5R Nintendo Switch Persona 5 Royal Nintendo Switch

The final platform we’re thinking about is the Nintendo Switch — will there be a Persona 5R Nintendo Switch version? This console, too, would likely be covered by the F.A.Q. that states that there are no plans for the game to expand beyond other platforms.

While PC gamers and Xbox One gamers are certainly hoping to see Persona on their systems, a Persona 5 Royal Nintendo Switch version might be the most likely of all. Atlus still has not yet named any definitive plans, but the announcement of Persona 5 Scramble for the Nintendo Switch probably makes this the most likely platform to see a Persona 5R port.