Fortnite Proximity Grenade Launcher | Release date and stats

Those data miners have been at it again. This time, a Fortnite Proximity Grenade Launcher has been unearthed in the game’s files. If you want to know when the new Fortnite weapon release date will be, as well as the full grenade launcher stats, including base damage, look no further. Our Fortnite Proximity Grenade Launcher guide provides you with all of the details.

Fortnite Proximity Grenade Launcher | Release date

Fortnite Proximity Grenade Launcher

Image: Lucas7yoshi on Twitter

There isn’t a definitive Fortnite Proximity Grenade Launcher release date just yet. Yep, we’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news yet again, but we don’t have anything more concrete than that.

Fortnite data miner Lucas7yoshi was one of the leakers to unearth it within the game’s files though. If it’s present in the game’s code, it must mean that it won’t be long before we have a better idea of when it could land in-game. Expect it, potentially, by the end of June.

Epic Games, the game’s developer, is sponsoring the PC Gaming Show at E3 2019, so there’s always a chance that they could unveil this new weapon then. This isn’t a guarantee, but it would be a nice touch if they did, given how popular the game is on PC.

Fortnite Proximity Grenade Launcher | Stats

Fortnite Proximity Grenade Launcher

With the release date stuff out of the way, let’s take a look at the rumored Fortnite Proximity Grenade Launcher stats. There are two versions of the gun in the game apparently, and these are based on the rarity level of each one you find.

According to Lucas7yoshi, there are Epic or Legendary versions of the Proximity Grenade Launcher. This means that both will be valuable to find, and have some pretty serious stats to go along with them. We’ve provided a handy rundown of the stats that both versions should have. As with the release date though, we’ll know more about its stats when the gun is patched through.

It’s worth noting that the stats detailed below are for Epic/Legendary versions respectively, just in case you’re confused about which stats relate to which gun.

Damage: 67/70

Fire rate: 0.65/0.65

Mag Size: 2/2

Reload Time: 2.99725/2.8395

Environmental Damage: 131/138

Ammo Type: Rockets