Box art - Marvel's Avengers

Marvels Avengers Offline | Can it be played offline single-player?

At long last, we finally got a look at the mysterious Marvel’s Avengers project from Square Enix, complete with a proper in-engine trailer and a release date of May 2020. It’s designed as a game you can play with your friends online, as the proper Avengers assembling for adventures against dastardly foes, with live service elements. But what about Marvel fans who don’t want a multiplayer game, and just want to experience the story in single-player? Will they be able to play Marvels Avengers offline? Let’s see.

Can Marvel’s Avengers be played entirely in single-player?

Yes, apparently Marvel’s Avengers can indeed be played entirely in single-player. Earlier today, the official Avengers game Twitter account posted an E3 question and answer session with the game’s Lead Producer and Lead Designer, in which fans on Twitter asked them a series of questions. The first was about players being able to play Marvel’s Avengers entirely single-player, and they confirmed the game could be played that way. “However, it’s strongly encouraged that you play with friends as it’s a lot more fun.”

Regarding whether Marvel’s Avengers would be more story-focused or whether it would be Destiny-like, where there is a story but it’s not too important, the developers confirmed, “this will be a story driven game, but there will be updates to the game over time at no additional cost.” Presumably if you want to play Marvels Avengers offline, you won’t have access to these. Speaking of which, can we do that?

Can you play Marvels Avengers offline?

Apparently so! In the same question and answer session, the game’s lead developers confirmed, rather surprisingly, that Marvel’s Avengers can indeed be played entirely offline, in single-player, if that’s the way you want to play. “You can do pretty much everything offline” was the exact quote, suggesting that there will be some things we won’t be able to, probably to do with the live service side. Still, good news for anyone who doesn’t want any of that.