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Apex Legends Fire Rate Bug | Why do my guns shoot faster?

Another day, another form of cheating. Players have uncovered an Apex Legends fire rate bug that is causing huge friction within the fanbase. If you’re confused as to why your guns shoot faster, and if there’s a fix for this, we’ve got you covered. Find out all of the details in our Apex Legends fire rate bug guide.

Apex Legends Fire Rate Bug | Peacekeeper, Mastiff, and more

Apex Legends fire rate bug

The Apex Legends fire rate bug has caused so much frustration within the community as it’s seen as a form of cheating. Certain weapons in the game can now fire at a faster rate than normal, and it means that players can be downed and killed more quickly.

Threads have been popping up on the game’s sub-Reddit since the 1.12 update went live at the start of E3 2019, with players voicing their annoyance at the problem. Slow firing guns such as Peacekeeper and Mastiff now shoot much faster. Not only that, but the usual rapid-fire guns like Hemlok and Prowler also shoot bullets at a greater rate too.

It’s led to calls for EA and Respawn to fix this glitch as it’s making matches lobsided, especially if this exploit is being used by your opponents.

Apex Legends Fire Rate Bug | Is there a fix?

Apex Legends fire rate bug

Nope, there isn’t an Apex Legends fire rate bug fix yet that has resolved this problem. As you can imagine, Respawn has been busy showing off their latest playable character in Wattson at E3, as well as discussing other new elements.

Simply put, there hasn’t been time for the team to resolve this issue since the latest patch went live. They are, however, aware of it. As explained by one of the Reddit moderators, the team is looking into the issue as we speak.

We’re sure that a patch will be coming soon to fix this though, once the team works out what the problem is. Until then, you’ll have to hold tight and hope you don’t run into any cheaters.