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Days Gone 1.11 Update Patch Notes

Another day means another Days Gone update. We’re now up to Days Gone version 1.11. The Days Gone 1.11 update is a smaller one, however, so don’t get your hopes up for anything particularly major. The Days Gone 1.11 patch acts as a hotfix for several issues the developers noticed after rolling out the 1.10 update. Skip to the end of this guide to read through the full list of Days Gone 1.11 update patch notes. If you’re one who wishes for a little more detail, however, have a read through the Days Gone 1.11 update patch notes highlights below.

Days Gone 1.11 Update

Days Gone 1.11 update patch notes

As stated above, the Days Gone 1.11 update isn’t a hefty one. Nothing new has been introduced thanks to the 1.11 update, for example. Instead, the 1.11 patch for Days Gone acts as a hotfix for several issues the development team noticed after it rolled out the 1.10 update, which added the new Survival difficulty mode. What we have here, then, is a hotfix update that brings with it several key progression and gameplay fixes.

Progression Fixes

You’ll be glad to know that a few progression bugs should have been fixed thanks to the 1.11 update. That NPC that wouldn’t assist you during the “Lines Not Crossed” mission? They should now help you as they should, meaning that you should be able to progress through the mission as intended from now on. The “Didn’t Want to Join Up?” job should now be working properly, too.

General Fixes

Along with progression fixes, the developers have thrown in some general bug fixes for the hell of it. In Survival Difficulty the HUD should appear when you press R3 when you begin a new game, the low health screen effect should appear correctly, and the text for the start-up screen should be updated. You will no longer receive the “Don’t Stop Me Now” Trophy before you fulfill its unlock requirements. There are a few fixes that should make the game more stable and enjoyable than it was before the update. You can read through all of them in the patch notes below.

Days Gone 1.11 Update Patch Notes

Days Gone 1.11 update patch notes

The Days Gone 1.11 update patch notes are as follows, courtesy of Bend Studio on Reddit:

Progression Issues

  • Resolved an issue related to PlayGo where the main menu screen was not showing any selectable options

  • During “Lines Not Crossed”, the NPC assisting you will function as intended

  • The job “Didn’t Want To Join Up?” should progress properly

General Fixes

  • The new “Dead Don’t Ride” bike decal can now be equipped at select mechanic merchants

  • The HUD should now appear when hitting R3 when starting a new game in Survival Difficulty

  • When at low health, the screen effect should appear correctly in Survival Difficulty

  • Updated the text for the Survival Difficulty Mode start-up screen

  • Corrected an issue where the trophy “Don’t Stop Me Now” was rewarded prior to completing the requirements

  • The “Executioner” skill should function properly against Breakers