One Punch Man Episode 22 Air Date

No more delays. The One Punch Man episode 22 air date is back on track and right where it should be. After the shifting release times of recent weeks, though, you might be in a bit of a muddle as to where we’re at and how to keep up. You’re in luck, however. Below, we’ll show you how to watch One Punch Man season 2, episode 10 online. With a name like “The Encircling Net of Justice,” and the fact that we’re only two episodes out from the season 2 finale, there’s plenty of reasons as to why you should watch the new One Punch Man episode the second it lands. We’ve even got release times in the US and UK so you don’t have to mess about with those pesky time zones either.

When is the One Punch Man episode 22 air date?

One Punch Man season 2 episode 10

The One Punch Man episode 21 air date is June 18, 2019. Of course, that day in isolation isn’t much good if you don’t have the UK and US release times to go along with it. In the US, you’re looking at a 10:35 AM Pacific/1:35 PM Eastern.

While those Stateside will likely be in school or work during the One Punch Man season 2, episode 10 release, those in the UK don’t have to suffer quite as much. That’s because it’s a 6:35 PM BST start time, which isn’t anywhere near as bad and, if anything, gives you something to look forward to after a long day.

To actually watch the episode, be sure to head to Hulu in the US and Crunchyroll in the UK. Netflix also has the first season in the UK if you need to catch up.

Is there a One Punch Man season 2, episode 10 English dub?

One Punch Man episode 22

No English dub just yet but, with season 2 winding down, expect an announcement within the coming weeks.

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