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Judgment English or Japanese Audio | Should I choose subbed or dubbed?

The question of picking Japanese or English audio in Judgment is a tricky one. The choice of going subbed or dubbed is both up to taste as well as a matter of other specific things, such as quality of voiceovers. However, there’s now also the added complexity of two, rather than the standard one, set of English subs. That’s… pretty confusing. Here at GameRevolution, we’ll help you make your decision while also looking at how to change from English to Japanese language in Judgment.

Should I choose subbed or dubbed in Judgment?

Sub or dub in Judgment

It’s all down to personal preference. Japanese audio and English subtitles is, perhaps, as intended by the developers, though choosing English audio may make those unfamiliar with Japanese culture and/or subtitles a little more comfortable. That’s the bare bones of the matter.

However, hearing English speakers use honorifics (such as “Saori-chan” and “Yagami-sensei”) can be a little grating. Again, it’s all down to your choice, and each voice cast does superbly, so maybe experiment before committing to one or the other.

Judgment, though, does something very interesting with its English subtitles which might tip the odds in the English audio track’s favor. As per localization producer Scott Strichart on the PlayStation blog, there are also two English subtitle tracks. One is the more direct translation, so you’re getting those when you have Japanese audio with English subtitles, while the other is more loose with its directness, but is perhaps better suited to the English language. In effect:

  • Japanese audio + English subtitles = A more direct translation of the Japanese audio
  • English audio + English subtitles = A more naturalized English set of subtitles, mirroring what the English speaker is saying

So, if you play with the English audio enabled, you’re more likely to get less stiff phrases and it should sound better to English native speakers. One to consider, then.

How to change language in Judgment

Sub or dub in Judgment

From the Title Screen, head to Settings and scroll over to the tab marked “Other.” From there, click Audio Language. You can then differ between Japanese and English at your leisure.

You can also do it in game via Yagami’s phone, but it’ll kick you back to the Title Screen anyway, even if you haven’t saved.

Can I change language after starting a new game in Judgment?

Yes, you can, though it can be a little jarring.