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The Elder Scrolls Online 5.0.9 Update Patch Notes

A brand-new update is available to download right now for The Elder Scrolls Online on PC today, June 17. PS4 and Xbox One owners will be able to download The Elder Scrolls 5.0.9 update on June 19. Skip to the end to have a read through the complete list of The Elder Scrolls Online 5.0.9 update patch notes. Alternatively, however, you can have a read through some of The Elder Scrolls Online update 5.0.9 highlights below for a little more of that sweet, sweet detail. For all of your The Elder Scrolls Online 5.0.9 patch needs, this guide has you covered. Happy adventuring.

The Elder Scrolls Online 5.0.9 Update The Elder Scrolls Online 5.0.9 update patch notes

Although The Elder Scrolls Online 5.0.9 update is just a small one, weighing in at around 147 MB, it changes and fixes a fair number of things. Unfortunately, there is still no permanent fix for the guild history section of the game. We do, however, have a quick fix for the problems, which should let us take a look at the last ten days of guild history.

Elsweyr Fixes

Along with general fixes and changes within the base game, The Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr has been under the microscope thanks to the 5.0.9 update. This includes changes to the Necromancer class. The Grave Lord’s Frozen Colossus ability has been fixed as part of the update. As soon as you cast the ability, a circle where the Colossus will smash is highlighted. This is a nice change from before.

Murkmire DLC Fixes

Murkmire has been looked at, too. The Death Among the Dead-Water quest has been fixed so you should now be grabbed and pulled by the Tamed Fire-Tongues. The Unsuitable Suitors quest has been fixed, too. You should now be able to reach the ladder that will let you finish the quest after you install the 5.0.9 update.

General Fixes

As stated above, Guilds have been partially fixed thanks to the new update. This includes a fix to the pesky random orders of viewed simultaneous Guild History events. The main use of this update, however, was for the developers to update The Elder Scrolls Online’s Terms of Service. You can see the complete 5.0.9 update patch notes below for more details.

The Elder Scrolls Online 5.0.9 Update Patch Notes

The Elder Scrolls Online 5.0.9 update patch notes

The complete list of The Elder Scrolls Online 5.0.9 update patch notes can be read below, courtesy of The Elder Scrolls Online forums:

Elsweyr Fixes & Improvements

Combat & Gameplay


  • Grave Lord
    • Frozen Colossus: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs had a 1-second delay before they displayed a hostile telegraph to enemy players. It will now display a hostile circle telegraph in the area the colossus is going to smash, the moment the ability is cast.



  • Improved window lighting for homes in Elsweyr.

Quests & Zones


  • Battle for Riverhold: Fixed an issue if you ignored Cadwell and ran off after arming both traps, you could return to the area and not be able to interact with Cadwell.

Murkmire DLC Game Pack Fixes & Improvements

Quests & Zones


  • Death Among the Dead-Water: Fixed an issue where you might not be grabbed and pulled by the Tamed Fire-Tongues.
  • Unsuitable Suitors: Fixed an issue where you weren’t able to reach the ladder in order to complete this quest.

Combat & Gameplay

Combat & Abilities


  • You now once again unsheath your weapons when pressing light attack before actually attacking a target.
  • Fixed an issue where bonuses that should be removed on use were not actually being removed.

Base Game Fixes & Improvements

Crown Store & Crown Crates


  • Fixed a UI issue involving the Nightflame Arms Pack in Gamepad Mode. Note this item will return to the Crown Store at a later date.



  • Corrected missing collision on one of the platforms in the Grand Topal Hideaway.


Terms of Service

  • Updated the in-game Terms of Service, which you will need to re-accept when first logging in after this patch. While we encourage you to review the document in its entirety, below are a high level (not comprehensive) list of changes:
    • The TOS will now cover all ZeniMax games, rather than just ESO.
    • Any instance previously stating “used” is now “accessed, played, purchased, received, or used”.
    • Added greater clarification of the differences between the Privacy Policy, EULA, and the TOS.
    • Added additional text specific to Japan, Turkey, Brazil, and UK players.
    • Added warnings relating to Virtual Reality.
    • Added additional clarifications for what the company is responsible for in regards to data privacy.
    • Updated the text for merchandise codes or redemptions to include Japanese virtual currency expiration laws and information for unlinking accounts.
    • Made clarifications regarding sharing game accounts.
    • Adjusted some text in the Free Trial section.
    • Re-wrote the section on Paid Services to include resellers.
    • Adjusted the text involving refunds and warranties.
    • Added additional clarifications relating to third party internet connections and hardware.
    • Updated sections involving the European dispute resolution and governing law for US residents versus external parties.



  • Fixed an issue where simultaneous Guild History events could appear in random orders (such as an application being accepted plus the player joining the guild).