Box art - Port Royale 3

Port Royale 3 PC Cheats

Steam Achievements

... vici! - Take control over 30 towns within one game

.. vidi, ... - Take control over 15 towns within one game

1-Way-Weapons - Use up 4,000 handheld weapons in boarding combats

1st ARRR!chievement - Fist time on sea

Arm of the Law - Destroy 10 pirate hide-outs

Arrr! - First time boarded a vessel successfuly

As you wish - 10 tasks fulfilled

Aye aye, Capt'n! - Reach the highest rank

Beelzebub - Highest fame as 'Pirate'

Checkmate - Reduce a nation's number of towns down to one

Collector's desire - Possess all ship types in one game

Conqueror - A town annexation by matial methods

Crow's Nest - Discover 10 pirate nests in a single game

D-Fence - Defend a town from 5 attacks

David-versus-Goliath - Win a battle with a pinnace against at least 60 guns

Davy Jones' Locker - Sink 1,000 vessels

First among equals - Win a multiplayer game

Flawless Victory - Win a battle without taking any damage

Got ye new Ship - The first vessel purchased

Hey Mr. Tallyman - Turn over manually a total ammount of 100,000 barrels

Horting - Posess 250,000 barrels of goods within one game

Hospitable - Create and finish a game with at least 2 Users

Hunt for Booty - Loot 25,000 barrels

Hypocritical - Pray 10 times

Keelhaul - Rescue 100 sailors from sharks

Kudos! - Tutorial completed successfully

Land Lubber - Build 250 buildings

Lean Back - Patrol fought out 500 battles

Lord of War - Be in possession of 5,000 guns

Master of Benders - Visit all 60 taverns

Peacemaker - A town take over by peaceful methods

Plundering - Ambush a trader

Puppet Master - Occupy 15,000 employees within one game

Shellback - Spend 50 hours in the Caribbean

Ship Ahoy! - First naval battle

Ship Naming - Name a convoy

The Message is Trading, dude! - A trading route is active since 365 days

There, I fixed it! - Perform an emergency repair

Treasure Chest - Pile up to 4 million gold pieces within one game

Treasure Hunter - Find a hidden treasure

True Hero - Reach the highest popularity in a town

Veni, ... - Take control over 5 towns within one game

Walk the Plank - Destroy a pirate convoy

Wedding bells - Marry

What's yours is mine - Annex a fellow player's town

White Lamb - Highest fame as 'Trader'

Whizz-Kid - Maximize all abilities of a captain

Wistfulness - The first vessel sold

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing - Highest fame as 'Buccaneer'

You're Welcome - Reach the highest reputation in a nation