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How Long to Beat My Friend Pedro

The hotly anticipated violent ballet that is My Friend Pedro is out now on PC and Nintendo Switch. The stylish 2D action platformer has you go on a killing spree at the whim of a sentient banana, with cool moves, slowdown, and gore galore. There’s one thing everyone’s wondering about My Friend Pedro, however, and it’s how long to beat My Friend Pedro? Read on for all the details regarding the question of how long is My Friend Pedro? We’ve got you covered with everything to do with the My Friend Pedro length and how long to complete My Friend Pedro.

How Long to Beat My Friend Pedro

How long to beat My Friend Pedro

The gory, stylish My Friend Pedro is out now, and everyone’s wondering exactly how long the game is to complete. Well, based on our review of the action game, My Friend Pedro is a short game, which should only take around 4 hours to complete. If you’re short on time and after a quick blast on something, the bite-sized levels and short campaign of My Friend Pedro could be for you.

Of course, although we’re saying that it should take you around four hours to complete My Friend Pedro, its length will vary from person to person. Depending on how skilled you are at the game, My Friend Pedro may well take longer or shorter than four hours for you to complete. There are three difficulty settings here, too. Playing the game on its top difficulty level will make things far more difficult for you. This will add some time to your My Friend Pedro experience, for sure.

You can always play for high scores and better level rankings, too. The bite-sized stages award you with a letter ranking depending on your final score. You can spend as long as it takes to earn an “S” ranking on each stage if you’re after some more My Friend Pedro playtime. But yes, My Friend Pedro is a short game, which should take you no more than your or five hours to complete.