Attack on Titan Episode 58 Air Date

Oh no. Attack on Titan episode 58 marks the penultimate entry of the third season of the hit anime. You know what that means: Deaths. Lots and lots of deaths. Attack on Titan season 3, episode 21 is sure to be a thriller of epic proportions, so you’re going to want to know how to watch the new Attack on Titan episode online, right? Don’t worry, there’s no fear of missing out here. Below, we’ll run you through the Attack on Titan episode 58 air date and, because this series has been strewn with delays, the exact release times in the US and UK too.

When is the Attack on Titan episode 58 air date?

attack on titan episode 58

Now, this is a little complicated. The Attack on Titan episode 58 (season 3, episode 21) air date is Sunday, June 23 in the US but it’s June 24 in the UK. Confused? Let’s lay it out for you.

In the US, you’re looking at a Sunday time of 5:45 PM Pacific/8:45 PM Eastern. If you’ve just caught up after being a few weeks behind, this is slightly later than it was previously, so be mindful of that.

In the UK, you’ll have to wait up until the wee hours on Monday morning. It’s 1:45 AM BST. I hope you’ve booked time off work.

Both Crunchyroll and Funimation will have the new Attack on Titan episode up at the times listed above, while Hulu in the US will have it slightly after it airs.

When is the Attack on Titan episode 58 English dub release date?

attack on titan episode 58

The English dub will be up on Funimation in the next few weeks, while the other guaranteed place to watch it will be on the late-night Adult Swim Toonami block on Saturday nights. The dub, though, is a few weeks behind, so expect it to air (if it continues at its current rate) on July 20 at 11:30 PM Eastern.