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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (June 25) | What’s changed in the weekly reset today?

The Destiny 2 weekly reset for June 25 is here, and you’ll be pleased to hear it isn’t a massive change. There’s plenty to keep you occupied for the weekly reset this week, but it’s not as taxing as other recent resets. As usual, you’ll be wanting to get the lowdown on the weekly reset time today, as well as what changes are due to come into effect. Read our Destiny 2 weekly reset guide for all of the details.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (June 25) | When is the reset time today?

destiny 2 weekly reset

Don’t worry, there hasn’t been any change to the Destiny 2 weekly reset time. You might want a refresher on this though or, if you’re new to the game, need to find out when the reset occurs.

The time that you will have to be aware of is 10 AM PDT/1 PM EDT/6 PM BST. This will remain in place until the clocks go back in November and bring an end to Daylight Savings Time.

As always, whenever you log back into Destiny 2 you will be greeted by the “New Adventures available” pop-up message. This is Bungie’s way of reminding you that the reset has occurred, and that you can now look forward to some new tasks to complete.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset (June 25) | What’s changed in the Destiny 2 weekly reset? (June 25)

destiny 2 weekly reset

Right, onto what has changed with the Destiny 2 weekly reset for June 25. We’ve detailed what’s new within the game in a handy bullet point list below, which is exactly what’s been posted on the Destiny 2 Ritual Reset page too:

  • Call to Arms Crucible Challenge
  • Destination Flashpoints
  • Raid Challenge Encounters
  • Raid Checkpoints
  • Dreaming City Powerful Rewards
  • Spider’s Powerful Bounty
  • Gambit Powerful Bounty
  • Gambit Weekly Challenge
  • Nightfall Strike
  • Weekly Clan Engrams
  • Weekly Clan XP Caps
  • Eververse Bright Dust Selections

The Season of Opulence is still in full effect right now, so there isn’t a huge update that brings any other major changes to the game this time. However, Menagerie is getting a super-tough Heroic mode. It’ll boost the required Power Difficulty, plus there’s an automatic fail state if your Fireteam is wiped out. This, of course, comes with its own set of rewards and Triumphs.

As you might already know too, Xur is heading off for his customary three-day holiday. He’ll be back on Friday though, so don’t sweat over his disappearance. He always comes back.