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Apex Legends Laptop Location Map Guide

The Apex Legends Season 2 trailer has arrived, and one of the things highlighted in the trailer is laptops spread throughout King’s Canyon. Our Apex Legends Laptop Location Map Guide is here to tell you where exactly you can find these critically-important items while you’re dodging bullets and wiping out enemy squads in the increasingly-perilous island.

The mysterious laptop is one of many changes that is making its way into Season 2 of Apex Legends. Many suspect that it may be a hint towards the next Legend to enter the game — perhaps it’s from a hacker character that has done damage to the devices in King’s Canyon? Whatever the reason for the laptop’s existence, it’s a real item that you can look at in the game world and we’ve found the location of it for you!

Apex Legends Laptop Location Map Guide | Where to find the Apex Legends laptop locations?

Apex Legends Laptop Location Map

The Apex Legends laptop location is roughly in the bottom middle of the map. It’s not too far out of the way, so players will thankfully be able to stop by and take a look at it in the game world without having to run out in the middle of nowhere.

The closest point of interest is the Market. Simply head east towards the small buildings and bridges on the other side of the canyon wall. The laptop is right next to the westernmost building on the other side of the canyon wall from the Market. The laptop sits on the ground and has some interesting code on it, but that’s about it.

As far as we can tell, the Apex Legends laptop doesn’t have any specific function in-game just yet. We can’t say for sure whether it’s a random piece of scenery, a clue to the next Legend, or something else. For now, you can use our map to easily track down this interesting little item and see it for yourself!