Box art - Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 Game-Breaking Bug | How to avoid it

It seems odd to find a game-breaking bug before a game even launches. And yet, that’s exactly what just happened to Super Mario Maker 2Thanks to Twitch streamer CaptainMK, we have a heads-up on what not to do at launch to avoid a game-breaking crash.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time this bug has been an issue. In the original Super Mario Maker, the game-crashing bug was caused under the exact same circumstances. It seems a bit odd that Nintendo didn’t iron out the kinks before releasing the sequel, but the circumstances leading to the bug are so oddly-specific that it’s unlikely you’d manage to stumble upon it. That said, here’s how to avoid crashing your Super Mario Maker 2 game!

How to avoid the game-breaking bug in Super Mario Maker 2

As you’re playing around within the game and using your creative juices to craft perfect levels, beware putting two items a little too close together: A Yoshi and a Fire Flower. Yes, the recipe for game-crashing disaster starts with two staples of the Mario franchise. If you’re holding an item and facing the screen before simultaneously landing on a Yoshi and a Fire Flower, the game will crash. The item you’re holding doesn’t seem to matter, though the user who found the bug was holding a trampoline.

By jumping into the air and landing on the Yoshi and Fire Flower, the game will completely freeze and need to be closed down and reset. If the item you’re holding is thrown away before landing, there won’t be any issues and you’ll get to ride the Yoshi with Fire Flower power as expected.

As far as avoiding bugs goes, this one seems pretty easy to work around, but you can’t be too careful. Now you know how to avoid crashing your brand-new Super Mario Maker 2 game!