Dauntless Pike Charge Bug | Where is the Pike Charge animation?

You will have definitely come across the Dauntless Pike Charge bug if you have used this weapon since the 0.83 update went live. The attack’s animation doesn’t play out at all since the latest patch was released, and players are not happy about it. To find out if there is a fix for the Dauntless Pike Charge bug yet, we’ve got you covered. Read this guide to get the lowdown on if there is a solution to it.

Dauntless Pike Charge Bug | Normal attack glitch

Dauntless Pike Charge Bug

The Dauntless Pike Charge bug won’t affect everyone, as it’s only reserved for those who use the Pike weapon. However, judging by the amount of annoyance over this bug on the game’s Reddit page, that number is quite a lot.

Threads have been popping up since the 0.83 update went live, which shows that’s been a common problem for a fair few players. Basically, people are finding that the Pike Charge animation doesn’t work at all when they use this attack.

Ordinarily, the animation plays out and you will deal a significant amount of damage to the creature you are attacking. However, players have stated that their character simply slides along the ground and performs a piercing attack instead. This is only considered a normal attack and doesn’t deal enough damage to kill some enemies outright.

Dauntless Pike Charge Bug | Is there a fix?

Dauntless Pike Charge Bug

If you were holding out hope for a fix to the Dauntless Pike Charge bug, we come bearing bad news. There isn’t one yet, which means you will have to soldier on for a bit longer.

The Reddit Phoenix Labs community manager, who goes by the username Phx-Shae, started a thread on the game’s Reddit page to ask for people to post the errors that they have encountered since this update. With people post in it, as well as the threads above, Phoenix Labs will likely be aware of it by now.

That means that a fix could be on its way sometime next week. Hopefully, Phoenix Labs will apply a patch that sorts it out and the animation will work properly again.