Attack on Titan Episode 59 Air Date

It’s finally time for the end… of this season, at least! Attack on Titan episode 59 marks the final entry of the third season. It’s the season 3 finale, so expect epic final moments in what is set to be a satisfying conclusion. Attack on Titan season 3, episode 22 is going to be a must-watch for any anime fans, but first, you’ll need to know how to watch the new Attack on Titan episode online, right? Worry not, because you’ve come to the right place Below, we’ll take you through the Attack on Titan episode 59 air date and, due to the show’s inconsistency when it comes to launch times, the exact release times in the US and UK too.

When is the Attack on Titan episode 59 air date?

Attack on Titan Episode 59

Pinning down the exact air date for this show can be a bit tricky, as it can vary depending on your location. The Attack on Titan episode 59 (season 3, episode 22) air date is Sunday, June 30 in the US but it’s July 1 in the UK.

In the US, you’ll be treated to a fairly friendly Sunday time of 5:45 PM Pacific/8:45 PM Eastern. (This is slightly later than it was previously, so be mindful of that.)

In the UK, you’ll have to remain energized until the not-so-friendly time of 1:45 AM BST. That’s a Monday morning, too, so be mindful when balancing your anime addiction with school or work.

Both Crunchyroll and Funimation will have the new Attack on Titan episode available at the times listed above, while Hulu in the US will have it slightly after it airs.

When is the Attack on Titan episode 59 English dub release date?

Attack on Titan Episode 59

The Attack on Titan episode 59 English dub will be up on Funimation in the next few weeks. If that isn’t an option for you, the other place to watch it will be on the late-night Adult Swim Toonami block on Saturday nights. However, it’s worth noting that the dub is a few weeks behind, so expect it to air (if it continues at its current rate) on July 27 at 11:30 PM Eastern.