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FFXIV Dancer Unlock | Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers Dancer class and abilities

Final Fantasy 14 continues to evolve, and its latest expansion Shadowbringers is now out of early access and has a full release today, meaning that every Final Fantasy 14 player can enjoy all the new additions that have been a long time coming. There are new races (Viera and Hrothgar), new raids (including one based on Nier: Automata) and even a New Game Plus-type system, but the most exciting new additions are probably the new classes coming to the game. In our FFX14 Dancer unlock guide below, we’ll show you how to play as the new Dancer class.

The Dancer class has been a job role in Final Fantasy games since Final Fantasy 5 on the SNES, and was also a support class in the previous MMO in the series, Final Fantasy 11Shadowbringers marks this popular job’s first appearance in Final Fantasy 14, but it’s not available right from the start, it needs to be unlocked in a special way. We’ll show you below how to get the Dancer class, what it does, and what skills and abilities you can expect from it.

FFX14 Dancer Unlock | How to get the Dancer class in Shadowbringers

In order to unlock the Dancer class and use it in Final Fantasy 14, you’ll first need to complete the special unlock quest involving the class. To get started, head to the city of Limsa Lominsa on the southern coast of the island of Vylbrand. You’ll need to have a Disciple of War or a Disciple of Magic at Level 60 or better in order to start the quest, so make sure you have one of those first.

The coordinates of the quest giver in Limsa Lominsa are X 9.8 and Y 12, the Lower Decks area, where you’ll need to speak to the Eager Lominsan trainer and get the quest titled “Shall We Dance.” Follow the quest marker further into the city and speak to Ranaa Mihgo, who will tell you to wait for the show to begin. There’s a destination point here for you to reach, although expect it to be rather crowded at this point. Watch the dance then speak to Nashmeira afterwards. She’ll give you the Dancer class, which you can switch to immediately, as well as your first weapon and armor.

What is the Final Fantasy 14 Dancer class?

The Dancer class is the new job role in Final Fantasy 14, along with the Gunbreaker. The Dancer is a ranged physical DPS class that balances damage dealing and support skills. Players can throw items such as blades to damage enemies from a distance, and can perform dances to execute abilities and buff allies. You can check out the full video for the Dancer class and its abilities below.

What are the Dancer’s skills and abilities?

Your main abilities as a Dancer of course focus around dancing. Activating either Standard Finish or Technical Step replaces your skills with dance steps of various types. Standard Step only requires you to press two steps but you can do these at any time, and Technical is more complicated but allows you to do party-wide buffs as well as a powerful finishing move. Standard also applies a buff, but only to you and your dance partner. If you’re in a party, try and always go for a Technical finish for obvious reasons. After you complete a dance move you’re put in a state called Espirit which increases your damage.

When not buffing, you should mostly try to use your Flourish abilities through dance combos, such as Cascade, Reverse Cascade, and Fountain. Windmill and the more powerful Bladeshower are the Dancer’s main area-of-effect attacks. Something you should be aiming to get hold of with your Flourish abilities is a consumable resource called Fourfold Feathers, which you can use to start a Fan Dance and attack either a single target or an area. Once your Espirit level has built up through using basic skills, you can unleash a powerful finisher move that can rain down a load of powerful blows on a group of close enemies.

The main thing you need to know about the Dancer is to stick to ranged combat and use party-wide buffs wherever possible. Dancer’s not a support class (as there aren’t really any in Final Fantasy 14) but it’s as close as we’re going to get for now.