Box art - Civilization V: Gods and Kings

Civilization V: Gods and Kings Technology Tree (IMAGE)


Ancient Era

Agriculture: Construct a Farm

Pottery: Granary, Shrine

Animal Husbandry: Reveals Hoses on the map, Construct a Pasture

Archery: Archer

Mining: Construct a Mine, Chop Down a Forest

Sailing: Work Boat, Trireme, Create Fishing Boats

Calendar: Stonehenge, Stone Works, Construct a Plantation

Writing: Library, The Great Library, Allows Embassies to be established at other civilization’s capitals

Trapping: Circus, Construct a Camp

The Wheel: Chariot Archer, Water Mill, Construct a Road

Masonry: Walls, The Pyramids, Construct a Quarry, Clear a Marsh

Bronze Working: Spearman, Barracks, Remove Jungle

Classical Era

Optics: Lighthouse, The Great Lighthouse, Allows land units to embark and cross water tiles. All units which enter friendly territory gain this ability.

Horseback Riding: Horseman, Stable, Circus Maximus

Mathematics: Catapult, Courthouse, The Hanging Gardens

Construction: Composite Bowman, Colosseum, Terracotta Army, Construct a Lumber Mill

Philosophy: Temple, National College, The Oracle

Drama and Poetry: National Epic, Ampitheater

Currency: Mint, Market, Petra

Engineering: The Great Wall, Aqueduct, Construct a Fort, Allows bridges over rivers

Iron Working: Swordsman, Heroic Epic, The Colossus, Reveals Iron on the map

Medieval Era

Theology: Garden, The Hagia Sophia, Great Mosque of Djenne

Civil Service: Pikeman, Chichen Itza, Food from the Farm increased by 1 on tiles with access to Fresh Water, Allows Open Borders treaties

Guilds: National Treasury, Machu Picchu, Construct a Trading Post, Enables conversion of Production to Wealth

Metal Casting: Forge, Workshop

Compass: Galleass, Harbor, Fishing Boats Gold yield improved by 1

Education: University, Oxford University, Angkor Wat, Enables conversion of Production to Research, Allows Research Agreements

Chivalry: Knight, Castle, Alhambra, Allows Defensive Pact treaties

Machinery: Crossbowman, Ironworks, Faster movement on Road

Physics: Trebuchet, Notre Dame

Steel: Longswordsman, Armory

Renaissance Era

Astronomy: Caravel, Observatory, Faster embarked movement, Allows embarked units to cross oceans

Acoustics: Opera House, Sistine Chapel

Banking: Bank, The Forbidden Palace, Constabulary

Printing Press: Theatre, Leaning Tower of Pisa

Gunpowder: Musketman, Himeji Castle

Navigation: Frigate, Privateer, Seaport

Architecture: Hermitage, The Porcelain Tower, Taj Mahal

Economics: Windmill, Camp Gold yield improved by 1, Customs House Gold yield improved by 1, Polder Gold yield improved by 2, Polder Production yield improved by 1

Metallurgy: Lancer, Arsenal, The Kremlin

Chemistry: Cannon, Manufactory Production yield improved by 1, Mine Production yield improved by 1, Quarry Production yield improved by 1

Industrial Era

Archaeology: Museum, The Louvre

Scientific Theory: Public School, Academy Science yield improved by 2, Lumber Mill Production yield improved by 1

Industrialization: Gatling Gun, Factory, Big Ben, Reveals Coal on the map Rifling: Rifleman

Military Science: Cavalry, Military Academy, Brandenburg Gate

Fertilizer: Pasture Food yield improved by 1, Plantation Food yield improved by 1, Food from the Farm increased by 1 on tiles with NO access to Fresh Water

Biology: Hospital, Reveals Oil on the map, Construct a well

Electricity: Hydro Plant, Stock Exchange, Police Station, Reveals Aluminum on the map

Steam Power: Ironclad, Faster embarked movement

Dynamite: Artillery

Modern Era

Refrigeration: Submarine, Stadium, Create Offshore Platform

Radio: Broadcast Tower, Eiffel Tower, National Intelligence Agency

Replaceable Parts: Great War Infantry, Military Base, Statue of Liberty

Flight: Triplane, Great War Bomber

Railroad: Neuschwanstein, Construct a Railroad

Plastics: Infantry, Research Lab, Cristo Redentor

Electronics: Carrier, Battleship

Ballistics: Anti-Aircraft Gun, Machine Gun

Combustion: Destroyer, Landship

Atomic Era

Penicillin: Marine, Medical Lab

Atomic Theory: Reveals Uranium on the map, The Manhattan Project, Academy Science yield improved by 2

Radar: Bomber, Fighter, Paratrooper

Combined Arms: Tank, Anti-Tank Gun, Pentagon

Ecology: Solar Plant, Sydney Opera House, Recycling Center

Nuclear Fission: Atomic Bomb, Nuclear Plant

Rocketry: Mobile SAM, Rocket Artillery, Apollo Program

Computers: Helicopter Gunship, Great Firewall

Information Era

Telecommunications: Nuclear Submarine, Bomb Shelter, CN Tower

Mobile Tactics: Mechanized Infantry

Advanced Ballistics: SS Booster, Nuclear Missile, Guided Missile

Satellites: SS Cockpit, Hubble Space Telescope, Reveals the entire map

Robotics: Missile Cruiser, Spaceship Factory

Lasers: Jet Fighter, Modern Armor

Globalization: United Nations

Particle Physics: SS Engine

Nuclear Fusion: Giant Death Robot

Nanotechnology: SS Stasis Chamber

Stealth: Stealth Bomber

Future Tech: A repeating technology that will increase your score each time it is researched