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League of Legends PBE Access | PBE requirements

Those of you who frequent League of Legends will likely want to be a member of the League of Legends Public Beta Environment. If you’re unsure how to get hold of League of Legends PBE access, however, you’re in luck. In this tell-all guide, we’ll let you know everything about how to become a League of Legends PBE Tester. We’ll run through the League of Legends PBE requirements, what kind of benefits you’ll receive, and more. Time to become a member of this exclusive club.

League of Legends PBE Access | PBE requirements

League of Legends PBE access

First things first. In order to become a League of Legends PBE tester, you will need to have an active League of Legends account. Any account in any region except for Korea (sorry, Korea) can become a member of the PBE. There is, of course, more to it than simply owning a League of Legends account.

To become a tester, you will need to have an Honor Level 3 or above account, with no bans or restrictions to your name. If your account holds up to these simple checks, you will be given access to a League of Legends PBE account. Once you have all this, simply sign up via the PBE registration page.

Please remember, though, that you are only able to have one PBE account for your live League of Legends account. If you share your PBE access with anyone else, you and your friend’s account will be suspended permanently

There are a few benefits to having League of Legends PBE access. Thanks to PBE, you will be given first access to new updates, modes, and more. You will be asked to submit feedback on everything, too, in any language you feel comfortable with writing. Thankfully, as we have explained above, getting PBE access couldn’t be easier. Follow the instructions above and you’ll be given access right away.