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How to apply Apex Legends Weapon Skins to enemy guns

If you’ve been wanting Respawn to add in a particular Apex Legends weapon skins feature, you’re in luck. The Season 2 update now lets you apply your unlocked skins to guns that have been dropped by killed enemies. It’s not exactly a massive feature, but it’s one that’s been requested in recent months. Now that it’s been implemented, find out how the Apex Legends weapon skins feature works, and how you can apply your skins to enemy weapons, by reading this guide.

Apex Legends Weapon Skins | Add to dropped guns

Apex Legends Weapon Skins

It’s easy to apply a weapon skin to a dropped gun. After you pick up a weapon from an enemy’s dropped crate, open up your inventory screen. Hover over the gun you wish to add your skin to, click on the paintbrush symbol in the top right corner, and then close your inventory. Your weapon will now have your chosen skin applied to it.

Weapon skins in Apex Legends, just like in other games, have become a sought-after commodity. You can unlock them in Apex Packs, by visiting the Rotating Shop and spending the game’s premium currency called Apex Coins, or by completing certain Season Battle Pass challenges.

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Before Season 2 arrived, you could only apply weapon skins to your guns pre-match. There wasn’t a way to add them onto weapons that had been dropped by enemies during matches. If you picked up a weapon that a killed opponent had been using, the default skin would remain for the duration of the match you were playing.

Taking to Reddit, Apex Legends fans began to ask Respawn and EA to add in a feature that would allow them to add your skins to weapons that you pick off of eliminated enemies. Their request was granted, and you can now add your own skins to weapons you pick up from opponents during matches.