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How to fix Apex Legends Disappearing HUD Bug

You may have unfortunately come across the Apex Legends disappearing HUD bug since Season 2 went live. Players have been up in arms over a flickering UI issue that almost always results in your HUD eventually going AWOL. If you want to find out how to fix this problem, we’ve got you covered. Follow our Apex Legends disappearing HUD bug guide for the help that you need.

Apex Legends Disappearing HUD Bug | Flickering UI

Apex Legends Disappearing HUD Bug

Season 2 arrived on July 2, and players have already begun to experience a number of errors and glitches. One of those is the disappearing HUD bug, and another related to it is a flickering UI issue.

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In a Season 2 bug megathread, which was started by Respawn community manager PlexversalHD, a comment related to this problem quickly gained traction. Basically, you and others might have found that your HUD and UI glitch out and eventually disappear during matches. This is problematic as you need your HUD to see how much ammo, health, and shield you have left, what items you’re carrying, and where you are on the map.

Apex Legends Disappearing HUD Bug | Is there a fix?

Apex Legends Disappearing HUD Bug

The short answer is no, there isn’t an official Apex Legends disappearing HUD bug fix just yet. Respawn is aware of this bug, however, and are hard at work trying to get to the bottom of it. Some users have confirmed that looking down at the ground temporarily fixes the problem, but it can always disappear even with this unofficial solution.

Another possible solution, which was posted by the bug’s original finder Tecfan, revealed that removing your Origin launch parameters or autoexec functionality on PC resolved the issue. The parameters change that fixes the issue is achieved by removing “cl_showfps 4from the file name. Other users have confirmed that this works for them, so try it out if you’re having this problem.

We should point out that these are unconfirmed solutions, though, so use them at your own risk.