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FFXIV City of the Ancients Location | Survey the Shadowbringers Qitana Ravel structure

The Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers expansion is now here, and it brings with it new areas and new challenges for players to uncover. Some of them can be quite difficult to find, with even important features such as the new Dancer class requiring going to a specific point in the game. The same is true regarding quests, such as the one given to you by Seeker of the Sun Y’Shtola Rhul to find the FFXIV City of the Ancients location. Where is the structure in the Qitana Ravel mural? Let’s look.

Where is the FFXIV City of the Ancients location?

The Final Fantasy 14 City of the Ancients quest is a main story quest, so you’ll need to do it eventually, and it’s rated level 79. Seeker of the Sun Y’Shtola Rhul wants you to find the structure in the Qitana Ravel mural. Specifically, the quest is, “find a structure which resembles those in the copy of the Qitana Ravel mural, then inspect it from the survey point.” Easy, except you’re not told anything further. Unless you know all of Eorzea like the back of your hand, you’ll need help finding that survey point.

You’ll want to head to The Norvrandt Slope, which can itself be found northwest of The Tempest, where you got the quest in the first place. Specifically, the coordinates in these hills are X: 21.9, Y: 11.0. You’ll see the giant stone structure sinking into the hills. Head to a lamp-like object here, and there will be a survey spot here you can interact with. Do so, and the quest is complete!

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What do you get for finding the FFXIV Qitana Ravel structure?

For such a tricky and vague quest, you’re probably expecting to get a big reward right? Well, think again. You’ll get 820K XP and 968 Gil, which isn’t too bad, but the main reward is being able to continue your quest. And having this annoying mission done with, of course.