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Sea of Solitude Switch version | Release date information

If you are curious about a Sea of Solitude Switch version, we come bearing all the information that you will need. The EA Originals game has been released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but there has been no word on a Nintendo Switch port. To find out whether Nintendo’s hybrid console will get its own edition of the indie game, you will need to read this Sea of Solitude Switch version guide. No need to swim around in a sea of confusion here.

Is there a Sea of Solitude Switch version?

Sea of Solitude Switch version

No, there isn’t a Sea of Solitude Switch version that is available to buy right now. As we mentioned above, the game is only available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One at the moment.

That isn’t to say that the title won’t come to Nintendo’s console, though. There’s always a chance that games can be ported to the Switch. Titles that have been out for months on other platforms eventually wing their way to the Nintendo Switch, so there is a possibility that Sea of Solitude will do so too.

The only thing that might block this eventuality is the fact that EA doesn’t tend to port its games to the Switch. As of July 2019, only four EA titles are available to play on Nintendo’s hybrid console. Two of those are FIFA 18 and FIFA 19 too, so it’s easy to think that Sea of Solitude won’t turn up on the Switch.

Don’t be disheartened yet, though. The other two EA games that you can purchase on Switch are Unravel Two and Fe. These are indie titles published by the EA Originals team, just like Sea of Solitude is. With these games being available to buy, download, and play on the Nintendo Switch, there is every hope that EA’s latest Originals title will be too. If we get an official confirmation at any point, we will let you know.