Attack on Titan Episode 60 Air Date

The Attack on Titan episode 60 air date has been announced, marking the beginning of the end for the final season. It’s been a long time since the third season ended, with fans having to wait and endure over a year of waiting.  Thankfully, it’s almost time to continue the fight! Here’s the need-to-know about the Attack on Titan episode 60 release date. 

When is the Attack on Titan episode 60 air date?

Attack on Titan Episode 60 Air Date

Those who missed the announcement following the Season 3 finale won’t know about the Attack on Titan episode 60 air date being set for fall 2020. Thankfully, the exact episode 60 air date has been confirmed.

Attack on Titan episode 60 will air first on December 7 on NHK in Japan. It should then become available to watch on Funimation on that same day, December 7.

Eager Crunchyroll subscribers will have to wait a little longer for confirmation on when Attack on Titan episode 60 will be available on that platform. This guide will be updated as soon as that information becomes available.

The US Hulu service should also have episode 60 available to watch at some point, though the specifics have yet to be confirmed. This post will be updated as soon as more information is revealed. Stay tuned, Hulu users!

What’s more, the Attack on Titan episode 60 release date will also mark the beginning of the final season. Yes, AoT will soon be coming to an end, with the fourth season concluding the storyline for the main characters.

If the episode 60 release date still seems far away, at least consider the bright side of it being a shorter wait than was experienced between Season 1 and Season 2. That lasted four years!

The Attack on Titan episode 60 official trailer (via Kevi Anime on YouTube) is embedded below, providing a teaser on what happens in the final season.