Attack on Titan Episode 60 Air Date

If you’re already hunting for an Attack on Titan episode 60 air date, then you’ve likely not realized that the previous episode was a season finale, meaning that episode 60 will be the first episode of the fourth season! And, as tends to happen between seasons of anime, there’s going to be a significant period of time for fans to wait and endure. If you’re looking to know when exactly the Attack on Titan episode 60 release date will be, read on for what we know so far.

When is the Attack on Titan episode 60 air date?

Attack on Titan Episode 60 Air Date

If you missed the announcement following the season 3 finale, then you won’t know about the Attack on Titan episode 60 air date being set for fall 2020. That’s right, you’ll need to wait for over a year before continuing your AoT adventure.

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What’s more, the Attack on Titan episode 60 release date will also mark the beginning of the final season. Yes, AoT will soon be coming to an end, with the fourth season concluding the storyline for the main characters.

If you’re disappointed by the episode 60 air date being so far away, at least consider the bright side of it being a shorter wait than was experienced between season 1 and season 2. That lasted four years!

You can expect to hear more about the exact day that Attack on Titan episode 60 will launch as we move into 2020. If supported services remain the same for the final season, expect both Crunchyroll and Funimation to release updates on when you can watch episode 60. Hulu in the US is also expected to host it shortly after it airs.

Sorry to be the bearer of disappointing news! For now, you’ll just have to satisfy yourself with watching the episode 60 trailer embedded below.