Dauntless Fortune and Glory Release Date

Phoenix Labs has teased the next big patch that will be heading to Dauntless. Known as the Dauntless Fortune and Glory update, the upcoming expansion to the free-to-play RPG will bring a host of new locations, enemies, and gear for you to visit, battle, and acquire. If this has intrigued you and you want to find out its official release date, you have come to the right place. Have a read of our Dauntless Fortune and Glory guide to get all of the information you will need.

Dauntless Fortune and Glory | When will it launch?

Dauntless Fortune and Glory release date

Right then, let’s dive into the reason why you are here. At the moment, we don’t have a definitive Dauntless Fortune and Glory launch date. Developer Phoenix Labs only released its teaser trailer for the upcoming patch last Saturday. As part of the 15-second Youtube video, they decided not to include its release date.

The latest patch, which was 0.83, went live on June 27. That was only two weeks ago and, coupled with this Fortune and Glory teaser, the next expansion could be some way off.

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What we can do, as ever, is speculate on when this will be. The official roadmap details a “High Skies” activity will be coming to the game very soon. The Youtube video shows off footage of new islands in the clouds, which looks very “High Skies” to us.

Additionally, every major Dauntless patch recently has launched at a rate of one per month. Again, looking at the roadmap, the “End of Hunt screen,” cross-play feature and Epic Games Store arrival, and “Third Dye region” updates all appeared in April, May, and June respectively.

With all of that taken into account, we would hazard a guess that the Dauntless Fortune and Glory patch will arrive in late July. That gives Phoenix Labs enough time to tease its arrival and then release it. It also allows them to keep this monthly streak of big updates coming. It would seem out of character for them to miss July and release this in August after recent patches.