Is There a Dauntless Mobile Edition?

Smartphone gamers, listen up. If you have been wondering whether there will be a Dauntless mobile edition of Phoenix Labs’ RPG, we have got you covered. The free-to-play game is already out on PC and consoles, but it would also lend itself well to mobile devices. It doesn’t matter if you are an iOS or Android user, you will want to read this guide to find out when the game’s mobile release date will be. To get the official lowdown on a Dauntless mobile port, read on.

Dauntless Mobile Edition | iOS release date

Dauntless Mobile Edition

Right then, Apple fans, this section of our Dauntless mobile edition guide is for you. Unfortunately, we don’t have official confirmation from Phoenix Labs about when the iOS port of the game will be available to play.

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The only information we have so far is that there is a version of Dauntless winging its way to iPhones in the near future. According to the game’s official roadmap, a “Mobile” floating island has pretty much confirmed its existence.

Phoenix Labs is playing its cards close to its chest though. When you click on the floating island itself, a message pops up that reveals that this “feature isn’t actively being worked on and is susceptible to change in the future.” That means that it could be a long time before iOS gamers get their hands on this game.

Dauntless Mobile Edition | Android release date

Dauntless Mobile Edition

If you thought that a Dauntless mobile edition would come to Android users before iPhone owners, think again. The same rules as above apply to those who use Android devices too.

Don’t lose heart about a mobile port never coming to smartphones though. The floating island’s message continues by stating that the game will be launching “sometime after our launches on console and the Epic Games store.” The message concludes with a “Launch window: TBD” addendum.

With Dauntless now out on the Epic Games store, PS4, and Xbox One, Phoenix Labs could already be working on a mobile version. We live in hope, anyway.