Final Fantasy 7 Remake vinyl pre-order finally goes live

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake vinyl pre-order is now live on Amazon. The set includes music from both Nobuo Uematsu’s original Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack and that of the remake, but only “selected songs” from each soundtrack. The set retails for $79.98 and releases on January 31, 2020, exactly 23 years after the launch of the original Final Fantasy 7.

Square Enix announced the vinyl set back in June, stating that pre-orders would become available on July 7. Twitter user (and frequent finder of deals) Wario64, however, noticed the vinyl became available to pre-order on Amazon today, July 5.

The vinyl set’s packaging features Cloud Strife’s iconic Buster Sword. The vinyls themselves (12-inch, 2-LP Picture Discs) feature art of Cloud brooding in the style of each game.

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Square Enix previously announced that Japan will get a Blu-ray Music Disc version of the original Final Fantasy 7‘s soundtrack on July 24 as part of the company’s “Revival Disc” series. This disc will feature 85 tracks from the game, accompanied by a video presentation of some of the game’s most memorable events. The Blu-Ray Music Disc also comes with three bonus MP3 tracks and a 16-page booklet. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake vinyl set’s descriptions make no mention of such extras, so it’s likely just meant to function as a collector’s item, shipping with the full-art discs and packaging.

After revealing the Final Fantasy 7 Remake at E3 2015, Square Enix finally gave fans a significant amount of info about the game at E3 2019. In addition to new trailers, the company showed off a playable demo of the game, which we quite enjoyed. We learned that the game will take place entirely in the city of Midgar, will be played on two Blu-Ray discs, and will feature a new evolution of the Active Time Battle system. We also got details on the game’s new voice cast and later learned that the game’s infamous cross-dressing scene will still be in the game, but in a more “modern” way.