Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack to be released as Blu-ray Music Disc

Series fans are getting yet-another way to experience the Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack. Square Enix will be releasing the game’s original soundtrack as a Blu-ray Music Disc in Japan on July 24.

Square Enix is releasing the soundtrack as the eighth release of their “Revival Disc” series. These Revival Disc releases let players experience the soundtrack with an accompanying video presentation on Blu-ray Music Discs.

The Final Fantasy 7 Original Soundtrack Revival Disc features 85 tracks composed by legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu. Square Enix has encoded the tracks in high resolution 24-bit/986Khz quality. These play alongside cinematic recordings of some of the most memorable scenes from Final Fantasy VII.

In addition to this, the FF7 OST Revival Disc also includes a few bonus goodies. Square Enix saw it fit to round out the package with three bonus MP3 tracks as well as a 16-page full-color booklet.

Final Fantasy 7 originally released to rave reviews on the original PlayStation in 1997. Many players had their first experience of the franchise with this release. As such, this was also their first time hearing a soundtrack scored by series composer Nobuo Uematsu—plus it was the series’ first soundtrack to make use of CD-quality audio.

With this in mind, Square Enix re-releasing the soundtrack on Blu-ray Music Disc shouldn’t be a surprise. The company has already released multiple editions of the soundtrack, as well as those for Final Fantasy 7 spin-off projects, over the past few years.

Interested fans in Japan can already pre-order the soundtrack via Amazon, the Sony Music Shop, and Square Enix’s own e-store for ¥5,000. The company has not stated if they’ll be bringing the Final Fantasy 7 Revival Disc to the West, however. So far, only the Xenogears Original Soundtrack Revival Disc is available on Square Enix’s North American store.

For fans in the west however, Square is holding a Final Fantasy 7 concert the US this June. Final Fantasy 7 – A Symphonic Reunion will take place at the Hollywood Dolby Theater in Los Angeles on June 9.