Harry Potter Wizards Unite downloads and numbers struggle to match Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go was an instant success for developer Niantic. To this day, the augmented reality mobile game is played by loads of people with events occurring around the world. With the developer’s recent release, Harry Potter Wizards Unite, Niantic had another huge property on their hands and possibly another hit. Unfortunately, like its launch weekend predicted, that does not seem to be the case as Harry Potter Wizards Unite downloads have struggled to come close to Niantic’s past successes.

As reported by Axios, Harry Potter Wizards Unite is down to No. 73 on mobile app tracking platform App Annie’s iOS top-grossing app chart. Pokemon Go, on the other hand, is sitting pretty at No. 15, even three years after its release.

For reference, “top-grossing” on any given app store is determined by the total revenue an app makes. That includes the price of the app, as well as the revenue made from in-app purchases. In comparison, the “top free” and “top paid” categories list the apps with the most downloads of free and paid apps, respectively.

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As of this writing, Harry Potter Wizards Unite is sitting at No. 57 and No. 47 on iTunes and Google Play‘s respective top-grossing chart; Pokemon Go is ranked No. 11 on iTunes chart, while it among one of the top five grossing games on Google Play, sitting at No. 4.

While Harry Potter Wizards Unite may not make the same amount of money Pokemon Go has, that doesn’t mean it isn’t getting downloaded. The Harry Potter-themed augmented reality game is currently ranked No. 4 on Google Play’s Top Free chart and No. 17 on iTunes’ chart. At the very least, there are tons of people trying the game out.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite released in June, bringing a similar take on Pokemon Go‘s gameplay with a Harry Potter-themed skin. Recently, a bug not allowing players to save their new Titles in their Ministry ID has been a problem among the community. Although a patch was supposed to fix the issue, players are still reporting that the bug is still in effect.