Will Snapchat Really be Shutting Down?

You may well have noticed that plenty of people are asking whether or not the Snapchat shutting down rumors are true or not. Well, we’ve got the bottom of the rumors and we’ve got some answers to the questions, “Will Snapchat really be shutting down?” and “will Snapchat really be shutting down in 2020?” Read on to find out if Snapchat is closing down either soon or in 2020.

Snapchat Shutting Down | Will Snapchat really be shutting down in 2020?

Snapchat shutting down

A rumor has been circling throughout the Internet that Snapchat will be closing down during the summer of 2020. Unfortunately, it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where these rumors began. Newsweek, however, suggested that the initial rumors may have begun as a fake news post dating back to the summer of 2017. Back in November 2017, the official Snapchat Support Twitter account simply explained that Snapchat isn’t shutting down.

Now, for whatever reason, the rumor has started to spread again. People have again been taking to sites such as Twitter to ask Snapchat if it is going to shut down. Will Snapchat really be shutting down? We’re glad to say that the answer appears to be no.

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Earlier this year in June, Snapchat Support took to Twitter to explain that Snapchat wasn’t going to shut down at the end of June 2019 (it didn’t). It appears now that the rumor has moved onto Snapchat shutting down on July 28, 2020. The rumor appears to have originated from a review of Snapchat (which wojdylosocialmedia reported on). The review suggests that Snapchat will shut down in 2020 because it has become “too populated,” and it has become too slow because of this. It seems unlikely that this is the case, however. Snapchat hasn’t mentioned anything about the app closing down next year, and if that was the case, it’s something Snapchat would definitely have mentioned by now.

While we cannot confirm nor deny the rumor without any official word from Snapchat, we’d argue that Snapchat likely won’t shut down in July 2020, but stranger things have happened.