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Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode Levels | How many levels are there?

Super Mario Maker 2 has had fans engrossed in working their way through tons of levels that pay homage to the newer and older Mario games. There are two main components to the game: an online, level building component and a Story Mode component. For those who do not have Nintendo Switch Online, but still want to enjoy the fun of Super Mario Maker 2, then you’ll have to stick to the single-player stuff. If you’ve started the Story Mode, you’ve likely realized there are tons of Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode levels, but just how many levels are there?

Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode Levels | How many levels are there?

Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode Levels

As you begin the Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode, you’ll be tasked with rebuilding Peach’s Castle (spoilers?). Anyways, you’ll receive the majority of your levels from Toad, who sits outside of the castle next to a job board. He will offer players a variety of levels that they can complete, ranging in difficulty from one to four stars.

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Each level will highlight some kind of classic Mario feature. Whether it be a Bullet Bill, powerups, or lava, each level is going to challenge players differently. There are a total of 90 levels that are offered to players by Toad. The majority will be one to two stars of difficulty, however, there are a nice handful of three to four star levels sprinkled in there along the way.

In addition to the “main levels,” there are also some side levels that you can complete along the way. Some are mandatory and others aren’t and completing them will net you some type of reward, such as a new outfit. There are a total of 12 characters in the game that will offer you an extra task. Below, you’ll find a list of all of those characters along with how many levels they offer.

  • Blue Toad (1)
  • Green Toad (1)
  • Mr. Eraser (3)
  • Patrick (3)
  • Princess Peach (3)
  • Purple Toad (3)
  • Red Toad (1)
  • Soundfrog (3)
  • Taskmaster Toad Extra Tasks (3)
  • Undodog (3)
  • Yamamura (3)
  • Yellow Toad (3)

And there it is, these are all of the levels that are available in Super Mario Maker 2! If you add them all up, you’ll find that there is a total of 120 Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode levels.