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Dragon Quest Builders 2 | How many islands are there?

Dragon Quest Builders 2 revamps the world design into something a bit more cohesive than we saw in the first game. Instead of mostly unconnected levels, you’re placed in a world made up of several islands, each of which has its own past and signature look. As you’re playing through, you’ll likely wonder how many islands are in Dragon Quest Builders 2. Well, we’ll go into detail on them below.

Minor spoilers below for Dragon Quest Builders 2

How many islands are in Dragon Quest Builders 2?

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Island Map

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is split between main islands and explorer islands. The main islands are where the meat of the gameplay takes place. You can’t take materials between main islands, at least while you’re completing their stories, but you won’t have to. Everything you need to complete an island’s storyline is provided there. You can think of them sort of like the levels in the first game, but you tend to spend more time on them. Additionally, you can return to each island after completing the story there (and this time you can keep your inventory) to revisit citizens who stayed behind and explore areas you didn’t get to the first time around.

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The main islands are:

  • Isle of Awakening (your main island)
  • Furrowfield
  • Khrumbul-Dun
  • Moonbrooke

There are also six explorer islands you can visit. These are unlocked using hearts you obtain from making your citizens on the Isle of Awakening happy. Each explorer island is randomly generated when you visit it, so you won’t get the same layout twice. You can keep your inventory from the Isle of Awakening when going to explorer islands, and you can take any materials you gather back with you.

On explorer islands, the objective is to find and check items off two lists given to you when you arrive. To do this you just locate an item on the list and press X, and it’ll be checked. When you fill a list, you’ll unlock an unlimited supply of a resource for permanent use.