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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Unlock Co-Op Multiplayer | How to unlock multibuilder mode in DQB2

One significant addition to Dragon Quest Builders 2 is co-op multiplayer. However, multibuilder mode isn’t unlocked from the start of the game. Instead, you have to play through a good chunk of the game before you can join your friends in some building fun. Below we’ll show you the exact steps you need to take to unlock multiplayer in Dragon Quest Builders and start playing co-op.

How to unlock co-op multiplayer in Dragon Quest Builders 2

When you start DQB2, you won’t have access to multiplayer. In fact, the game won’t even allude to the fact that it’s available. You’ll have to play through around a quarter of Dragon Quest Builders 2 before the option opens up to engage in anything other than single player.

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To unlock multiplayer in Dragon Quest Builders 2 you’ll need to complete the story in Furrowfield and make it back to the Isle of Awakening. Once you’ve returned to your island with the new recruits from Furrowfield, you’ll need to complete some building so they can make themselves at home. Once you complete the first three board goals, make a river, make a meadow, and make a forest, the Hairy Hermit will explain multiplayer to you, and multibuilder mode will unlock.

To access multiplayer in Dragon Quest Builders 2, you’ll have to visit the portal on the Isle of Awakening. By going here, you can join up with other players and build to your heart’s content. Note, that even though you can’t actually play with other people directly until you complete the first Isle of Awakening quests after Furrowfield, you will unlock social features the first time you reach the island. These are accessed through the Notice Board, which is separate from the portal used to access multiplayer co-op. Here you can view other player’s creations and check out their worlds.