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Is Overwatch Mobile coming to iOS and Android?

Pretty much ever since Overwatch released, people have been asking Activision Blizzard for an Overwatch mobile port. Whether it releases on either iOS, Android, or both, playing Overwatch on the go in some form or another has been something fans have been pleading for over the last few years. We’re here to let you know the answer to the big question: Is Overwatch mobile coming to iOS and Android? Below, we’ll let you know if Overwatch, or a different form of it, will come to smartphones and other iOS and Android devices.

Is Overwatch mobile coming to iOS and Android?

Overwatch mobile

Currently, there is no Overwatch mobile version that you can download and play on either iOS or Android devices. It’s strange to think that neither Activision nor Blizzard has tried to move its hugely successful shooter onto the mobile market. It is especially absurd considering the success of several other mobile games that appear to be consistently popular in a similar field.

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The likes of Fortnite mobile, PUBG Mobile, and Call of Duty Mobile (where it has been released already) have all done well for their respective developers and publishers alike. It is odd to think that Overwatch mobile hasn’t been added to this list as of writing. Just because there isn’t a mobile version of Overwatch available right now, however, doesn’t mean that there never will be.

There is an official Overwatch app available for phones already, but Overwatch League only lets you look at yours and other players stats and standings. You cannot play Overwatch on smartphones. Blizzard, though, could be looking to address this. That is, at least, according to a Blizzard press conference from November 2018.

During this press conference, Blizzard announced that there are plans to bring all Blizzard franchises to mobile. This would, of course, includes Overwatch. Blizzard’s executive producer Allan Adham spent some discussing the future of Blizzard’s mobile output. Adham explained that “in terms of Blizzard’s approach to mobile gaming, many of us over the last few years have shifted from playing primarily desktop to playing many hours on mobile, and we have many of our best developers now working on new mobile titles across all of our IPs.”

Since then, however, we are yet to receive word of an Overwatch mobile game, let alone there being one released already. Could we see a mobile version of Overwatch in the future, though? Read on for more details.

Overwatch mobile iOS release date

Overwatch mobile

As stated above, Blizzard expressed its desire to develop and release mobile titles across all of its IPs in November last year. Unfortunately, an Overwatch mobile iOS release date has yet to materialize. We don’t have any word on any potential iOS release date, either.

With Blizzard stating that it would release mobile titles based on all of its IPs, however, we could see an Overwatch smartphone game released before long. Hopefully, Blizzard can confirm the existence of Overwatch on iOS soon. We could imagine a potential 2020 release date now for any kind of Overwatch port or new mobile game on iOS, however. That is, given we’re already into July 2019 without an announcement.

Overwatch mobile Android release date

Overwatch mobile

Without word on an iOS version of Overwatch, it is difficult to say anything with any more clarity regarding an Overwatch mobile Android release date. Again, we know Blizzard is working on bringing all of its IPs to mobile, but there has been no word from the publisher here.

We’ll have to wait and see if we ever get an Overwatch game on Android devices. Cross those fingers and toes, however, and we could get one sooner rather than later. Again, though, we’d imagine a 2020 release date for any such Android release date.