Box art - Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Age Rating | Is it safe for children?

If you’re a parent, you might be wondering what the Dragon Quest Builders 2 age rating is. The action RPG, which was developed by Omega Force and published by Square Enix, looks like it could be kid-friendly. However, you will likely want to know if it’s safe for children to play. To get the definitive answer to this question, you will need to read our Dragon Quest Builders 2 age rating guide.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Age Rating | Is it suitable for kids?

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Age Rating

Before we reveal the Dragon Quest Builders 2 age rating, let’s start off by telling you more about the type of game that Dragon Quest Builders 2 is. It’s an open-world title that draws similarities to Minecraft and other creative games, and it is due to be released on Nintendo Switch and PS4. It’s also based off the Dragon Quest series of games, which is given away in the title really.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 initially came out last December, but it’s set for a worldwide release in July. If your kids have heard about it, or seen it advertised anywhere, they might think it’s right up their alley. The problem with adverts is that some games just aren’t child-friendly. They might look it, but their cute graphics might hide mature content like violence, swearing, or blood.

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Thankfully, that isn’t the case with Dragon Quest Builders 2. It has been rated as a game that’s suitable for children who are at least seven years old. Naturally, that indicates that you shouldn’t let anyone below that age play it just in case there are parts of it that aren’t suitable.

Be aware that Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a co-operative game too, so there is always the chance that your children may run into other kids who don’t play as well with others. That means if you have concerns that your kids might get bullied online, it will be best not to let them play the game over the internet.