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Fortnite Back-to-School | Book Bags, Coloring Pages, Lunch Boxes, and more

It’s getting close to back-to-school time! Do you have a little gamer kid in your house? Well, our Fortnite Back-To-School Guide is filled with cool things that you can buy for you kiddos before they begin the new school year proper. Whether you’re looking for a Fortnite book bag, a Fortnite coloring book, or some Fornite clothes, we have some neat suggestions that your kids are sure to love.

Fortnite Back-To-School | Backpack / Bookbag

Fortnite Back-To-School


This 100% polyester Fortnite backpack will let your kids carry the crazy amount of homework they’ll be doing back and forth to school with no problems. It includes several zippered pockets, a water bottle holder, and a padded compartment that’s perfect for your kid’s tablet or laptop.

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Fortnite Back-To-School | Lunch Box

Fortnite Back-To-School


Kids don’t just have to tote their books and homework back and forth to school as some of them might need to bring their lunch. This Fortnite Lunch Box features splashes of color and a solid rubber Fortnite logo on the back. It also includes a robust zipper closure and insulated lining to keep food at just the right temperature.

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Fortnite Back-To-School | Pencil Case

Fortnite Back-To-School


Your young one is sure to make some friends when they whip out this Fortnite Pencil Case. This ain’t your daddy’s pencil box. A robust wrapping enclosure keeps the whole thing neat and two separate zippered compartments make it easy for your son or daughter to organize all of their writing utensils and other supplies.

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Fortnite Back-To-School | Underwear and Socks

Fortnite Back-To-School

Fortnite Boys Underwear: $11.00–$21.99 (variety pack of three)

Fortnite Socks: $14.87 (pack of four)

Clothes are important for the school year, but socks and underwear are perhaps the most important clothes of all! When these wear out, it really stinks. The Fortnite underwear is meant for boys or girls and comes in a set of three visually distinct designs themed around Fortnite.

As for the Fortnite socks, they all look the same and come in a pack of four. While the lack of variety is sort of a downer, it also saves you from worrying about mismatching socks.

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Fortnite Back-To-School | Comforter and Pillowcase

Fortnite Back-To-School


Every school day comes to an end and your child is going to have to hop into bed. Why not do it in style? This Fortnite comforter and pillowcase set is 100% polyester and includes one comforter and one pillow sham. The comforter is reversible and has an awesome Fortnite pattern on it (as you can see above). Fits Twin or Full beds.

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Fortnite Back-To-School | Coloring Book

Fortnite Back-To-School


The younger children out there are going to have time to sit and color, so why not get them a neat unofficial Fortnite coloring book? This book features 62 pages of cool Fortnite characters to color. It would certainly be a fun surprise to stuff it in your kid’s Fortnite bookbag for the first day of school.

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Fortnite Back-To-School | The one thing all gamer kids love

Fortnite Back-To-School

$9.99 and up

There’s one thing that all gamers universally love: video games. However, parents might be concerned that they’ll be a distraction from studies.

Your kid probably plays Fortnite since it’s a free-to-play game, but there are ways you can buy things in the game using real-world money. You could buy an upgraded version of the game with a lot of cool cosmetic extras, or you could simply get your kid some V-Bucks digital currency so that they can pick out what they want to buy themselves. It’s not a bad idea to reward them for good grades with some V-Bucks.

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