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Clash of Clans Private Servers | Are iOS and Android APKs safe?

Clash of Clans private servers can offer an escape from the microtransactions and regulations of the official game, with the promises of custom rules, characters, and unlimited gems tempting iPhone (iOS) and Android users to download and install unofficial versions of the game. While these versions keep players separate from the official build, meaning private server players should never encounter official game players, there’s still the question of whether or not Clash of Clans private servers are safe. Here’s what you need to know.

Are Clash of Clans private servers safe?

Clans of Clans Private Servers

Clash of Clans private servers are not hosted by Supercell, meaning that they are outside of the developer’s supervision and control. While this means that the game can be modded to offer unlimited resources, as well as custom characters, it also puts the user’s device and information at risk. Over time, Clash of Clans has received updates that not only add new content to the game, but also enhance security for those using the official builds.

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While it’s possible for Clash of Clans private servers to be safe, it can’t be guaranteed. Those hosting Clash of Clans private servers can implement nefarious means of exploiting its users’ devices and data. While the allure of free gems and custom characters may seem incredibly tempting, the potential risks seem to outweigh the benefits.

We at GameRevolution recommend that you stick to downloads and APK files installed through the official App Store and Play Store. Though Clash of Clans private servers seem like a good way of saving money, as well as enjoying some hyper overpowered custom characters, we wouldn’t recommend making your device vulnerable to unofficial software installs.

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