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Apex Legends Apex Predator Rewards | End of Season 2 Ranked rewards list

While we don’t know for sure when the Apex Legends Season 2 will end, we do know that Season 3 is scheduled to begin in September. Despite this, plenty of you are wondering what the Apex Legends end of Season 2 Rewards will be. Thanks to a leak, we’ve got the supposed answer for you, including the full list of Apex Legends Apex Predator rewards. Read on for the supposed full lot of end of Season 2 Ranked rewards list for Apex Legends. It’s always nice to know what to aim toward.

Apex Legends Apex Predator Rewards | End of Season 2 Ranked rewards list

Apex Legends Apex Predator Rewards

As stated above, we know what the Apex Legends Ranked Season 2 end rewards might be, thanks to a leak from That1MiningGuy on Twitter. As always, however, it’s best to take these rewards with a pinch of salt. Nothing here has been officially confirmed by either EA or Respawn. Nonetheless, you can find the leaked Season 2 Ranked rewards lists below. We’ve separated the rewards into separate lists for each rank that you reach by the end of Season 2.

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Bronze Rewards

  • Bronze Tier Badge
  • Bronze Tier HCOG Skin
  • Bronze Tier Dive Trail

Silver Rewards

  • Silver Tier Badge
  • Silver Tier HCOG Skin
  • Silver Tier Dive Trail

Gold Rewards

  • Gold Tier Badge
  • Gold Tier HCOG Skin
  • Gold Tier Dive Trail

Platinum Rewards

  • Platinum Tier Badge
  • Platinum Tier HCOG Skin
  • Platinum Tier Dive Trail

Diamond Rewards

  • Diamond Tier Badge
  • Diamond Tier HCOG Skin
  • Diamond Tier Dive Trail

Apex Predator Rewards

  • Apex Predator Tier Badge
  • Apex Predator Tier HCOG Skin
  • Apex Predator Tier Dive Trail

As you can see above, it seems as though there will be three rewards for each rank given at the end of Apex Legends Season 2. Excitingly, this appears to include new Dive Trails, which allows for some more customization in the game. As of writing, however, we don’t know what the rewards will look like. We’ll all know in due time though.