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Overwatch Summer Games 2019 | Start date, weekly challenges, and rewards

Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch is known for having in-game events bringing new skins, emotes, intros, and game modes to the hero shooter. One of the longest-running events, Summer Games, brought Lucioball, a fun variant of soccer to the game, and has done so since the event’s inception back in 2016. Well, Overwatch Summer Games 2019 is upon us bringing its own set of challenges and rewards to popular title.

Overwatch Summer Games 2019 start and end date

Historically, the Overwatch Summer Games event has started in early August. However, on the game’s July update video, game director Jeff Kaplan announced the event would be coming much sooner than expected, as well as Hero 31’s delay. Well, it turns out “soon” is now. Starting today, July 16, to August 5, you’ll be able to partake in all the event’s festivities.

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Introducing Weekly Challenges and Lucioball’s return

So, what exactly are Overwatch Summer Games 2019’s festivities? New to the event are weekly challenges. Similar to the Baptiste Reunion Challenge that began last month, each week will have a tiered challenge list; completing certain objectives will garner you specific rewards. Here are what the next three week’s of challenges and their respective rewards look like:

Week 1, July 16 – 22

  • Win 3 games: Shark Attack Spray
  • Win 6 games: Punchimari Icon
  • Win 9 games: American Reaper Skin

Week 2, July 23 – 29

  • Win 3 games: Snorkeling Spray
  • Win 6 games: Tennismari Icon
  • Win 9 games: Zhongguo Mei Skin

Week 3, July 30 – August 5

  • Win 3 games: Sand Castle Spray
  • Win 6 games: Footballmari Icon
  • Win 9 games: Bundesadler Reinhardt Skin

The “games” you have to win are within the game’s Quickly Play, Competitive, or Arcade modes. So really, it’s up to you where you want to attempt to unlock the new skins, icons, and sprays.

One such place you can complete these weekly challenges is Lucioball, the Summer Games exclusive game mode. As mentioned earlier, the Lucio-themed sport is Overewatch’s variant of soccer. The team who scores the most goals before the time runs out wins the match. Additionally, you’ll be able to play in three different international arenas, including Estadio das Ras in Rio de Janeiro, the Sydney Harbour Arena in Australia, and Busan Stadium in South Korea.

Anyone who wants a more competitive variation of Lucioball is in luck. Copa Lucioball is essentially a ranked version of the Summer Games’ exclusive mode, complete with its own skill rating and leaderboards.

New and returning Overwatch Summer Games skins

overwatch summer games 2019

The most exciting thing about Overwatch events are the skins and the Summer Games have some of the best in the game. This time around, the Overwatch Summer Games 2019 introduces six new skins to its ever-growing collection, which include the ones you can earn through the weekly challenges. Additionally, previous Summer Games skins will be returning, giving you another chance to collect any of the ones you may have missed the past three years. Here are all the skins you’ll be able to earn throughout the event:

New Summer Games skins

  • Kendoka (Legendary) – Genji
  • Lucioball (Legendary) – Wrecking Ball
  • Surf ‘n’ Splash (Legendary) – Torbjorn
  • Wave (Legendary) – Hanzo
  • American (Epic) – Reaper
  • Bundesadler (Epic) – Reinhardt
  • Zhongguo (Epic) – Mei

Returning Summer Games skins

  • Cabana (Legendary) – Ana
  • Catcher (Legendary) – Winston
  • Fastball (Legendary) – Zenyatta
  • Gridironhardt (Legendary) – Reinhardt
  • Lacrosse (Legendary) – Roadhog
  • Waveracer (Legendary) – D.Va
  • Mexicana (Epic) – Sombra
  • Tre Kronor (Epic) – Brigitte
  • Eireannach (Epic) – Moira
  • Biker (Legendary) – Reaper
  • Cricket (Legendary) – Junkrat
  • Cote D’Azur (Legendary) – Widowmaker
  • Grillmaster: 76 (Legendary) – Soldier: 76
  • Lifeguard (Legendary) – McCree
  • Tulum (Legendary) – Sombra
  • Winged Victory (Legendary) – Mercy
  • Champion (Legendary) – Zarya
  • Selecao (Legendary) – Lucio
  • Sprinter (Legendary) – Tracer
  • Striker (Legendary) – Lucio
  • Track and Field (Legendary) – Tracer
  • Weightlifter (Legendary) – Zarya
  • American (Epic) – McCree
  • Eidgenossin (Epic) – Mercy
  • Nihon (Epic) – Genji
  • Taegeukgi (Epic) – D.Va
  • Tre Kronor (Epic) – Torbjorn
  • Tricolore (Epic) – Widowmaker

Additionally, new and returning emotes and intros will be available to earn during the event. The vast majority of the Summer Games-themed skins, emotes, and intros can be found in themed loot boxes, which you can earn in-game or buy with real cash. The three exceptions are the skins earned through completing the Weekly Challenges.