Dauntless Lady Luck Store Closed | How to spend Marks

Oh dear, the Dauntless Lady Luck Store has had to be closed even though it’s only just arrived. Coming as part of the Fortune and Glory update, Phoenix Labs has already had to shut down the shop over a Marks currency bug. If you want to know when the store will reopen, or if you can still spend Marks, we are here to provide assistance. Read our Dauntless Lady Luck Store closed guide for more information.

Dauntless Lady Luck Store Closed | Currency bug

Dauntless Lady Luck Store

Let’s take a look at how the Dauntless Lady Luck Store is supposed to work. The Fortune and Glory update brought Lady Luck out of hiding and, along with her, a new weekly challenges feature called Trials. These take place on the Island of Trials and reward you with riches if you’re able to beat the tasks set out before you.

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If you succeed, you earn currency known as Marks. These can be traded for special cosmetics at Lady Luck’s shop, and these can come in the shape of Normal or Prestige ranks.

However, you can’t access the store at the moment due to a glitch with Marks. Phoenix Labs took to the Dauntless Twitter account to reveal that it was temporarily closing the shop due to an error with Marks. The reopening date is yet to be decided, but the doors will only be unlocked once the issue is resolved.

Dauntless Lady Luck Store Closed| Can I still spend Marks?

Dauntless Lady Luck Store

Unfortunately not. The closed store means you can’t spend Marks anywhere as they’re only reserved for Trials rewards. You can still earn Marks by taking part in Trials, however. This means you can stock up on Marks for when the shop opens again, by which time you might be able to buy those higher-tier cosmetics.

For now, the Dauntless Lady Luck store remains closed to the public. It’ll reopen soon though, don’t worry.