Eternity Warriors 2 iPhone Cheats


Free Gems And Credits

For both iOS and Android, you have the option of signing up for and/or downloading services and Apps, whereupon which Glu will reward you with Gems or Credits. The list of activities include, but are not limited to:

Sign Up For Netflix!: 680 Gems

Watch Big Fish Casino! Video: 1 Gem

Get the Discover More Card: 1,632 Gems

Sign Up For 816 Gems

Buy Gourmet Chocolate, Dipped Strawberries: 462 Gems

Loot Picking

When you defeated some monsters will drop loot. Always try and pick it up, although you may never use it you will be able to sell it for coins, especially if it is weaker than what your character already has. You can tell if it is weaker by looking to see if there is a red arrow pointing downward to the right of the weapon or looking at the item's number which will indicate whether it is inferior to what the character presently carries.

Complete Quests For Rewards

Eternity Warriors 2 comes with 84 different quests to complete, and what's really cool about this is the simple fact that you'll earn rewards along the way, anywhere from 50 to 1,500 coins for the trouble. The game even tracks your progress. On that note, keep an eye on the current list by selecting Quests from the main menu.

Upgrade Your Skills

Always seek to upgrade the hero's Dash, Block and Charge maneuvers to make them more effective in a fight. Each move features upgrades spread across three categories (Special, Damage, Rage) that help transform the warrior into a more efficient killing machine. Remember that you'll need coins or gems/credits to do this, and upgrades get more expensive as you go.

Tips To Go By Easy

Blue named weapons are better than white named weapons.

Also orange named weapons make up the rarest loot.

Spider Lair and Hellfire Dungeons produce better loot than any.

You must finish a floor to collect loot.

If you rate the game you'll earn five free Glu Credits/Gems.

Once you die you can give up and lose all collected loot for that level, or revive with Credits/Gems.

Gems guarantee success when upgrading weapons.

Always remember to block an attack. This proves useful for parrying attacks, then counterattacking.

Break all pots and barrels, while opening treasure chests to find coins.

You can hit enemies when they are on the ground.

Stock pp on health and rage potions.

Upgrade whenever possible, armor as well.

It's easier to complete dungeons with a buddy via online co-op.

Before starting a level, highlight the desired stage and check to see the recommended weapon.

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