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Pokemon Go Community Day August 2019 | Start time, featured Pokemon, exclusive move

The Pokemon Go Community Day for August 2019 is almost here. As ever, we are here to bring you all of the information you will need to know about before it kicks off. That includes start time and date, what featured Pokemon will star in August, and the exclusive move you can get by taking part. Dive into our Pokemon Go Community Day August 2019 guide to get the scoop and stay ahead of the competition.

Pokemon Go Community Day August 2019 | Date and end time

Pokemon Go Community Day August 2019

The first thing to know about the August 2019 Pokemon Go Community Day is when it will start. Surprisingly, it’s due to take place on Saturday, August 3. This is very early for Community Day. Looking at previous dates for them, there’s very few that have taken place so soon after the last one. But hey, we aren’t complaining as we want to get those rewards for August as soon as possible.

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In terms of when the start time will be, it’s due to start at 4 PM local time for everyone. That means that if you live in the US, it’ll start at 4 PM PT or ET depending on where you live. For players in the UK, meanwhile, it’ll begin at 4 PM BST. You get the idea.

The August Community Day will run for three hours, so expect it to end at 7 PM local time. It doesn’t give you long, so make sure that you make the most of it.

Pokemon Go Community Day August 2019 | Featured Pokemon and exclusive move

Pokemon Go Community Day August 2019

We also know who the featured Pokemon for Pokemon Go Community Day August 2019 will be. Ralts, the dual-type Psychic and Fairy Pokemon that was introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, will spawn more regularly. You’ll also have a shot at finding a shiny Ralts too during the three-hour Community Day period. If you’ve been wanting to nab yourself one, now is the time to do so.

The exclusive move for Community Day is Synchronoise. To ensure that you get this special-event attack, you’ll need to evolve Ralts into either of its evolutions called Gardevoir or Gallade. It doesn’t matter which one you evolve it into, so long as the evolution occurs and you get the move. You need to evolve Ralts before 8 PM local time too, otherwise, you’ll miss out on this exclusive move. Make sure you don’t.