MLB The Show 19 1.15 Update Patch Notes

Rather than settling for a swing and a miss, the MLB The Show 19 developers are sticking with the game and offering a brand-new update, available to download and install right now. Steal yourself to the end of this guide to have a read through the MLB The Show 19 1.15 update patch notes. If you’d rather hold your base and stick with us for a while, you can read through a selection of the MLB The Show 19 version 1.15 update highlights. This homer of a guide is the place to be for everything that has been changed and fixed.

MLB The Show 19 1.15 Update Patch Notes | Highlights

MLB The Show 19 1.15 update patch notes

While there aren’t too many patch notes to write about here, the 1.15 update for MLB The Show 19 brings with it some important adjustments and fixes. Some big fixes for specific stadium bugs have been implemented to help ensure the game does its job properly, for example. Read through the highlights below to get a grip on what’s included in this new MLB The Show 19 update.

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Gameplay Fixes and Changes

Essentially all of the fixes and changes applied to MLB The Show 19 thanks to its latest patch affect the gameplay in some way. You’ll be glad to discover that the button accuracy bug in Online Games has been fixed, for example. You should now be able to throw the ball as a catcher immediately after a pitch out during Online Games.

Another bug fix has taken place in a number of different stadiums represented in the game, as stated above. Citi Field, Fenway Park, and Old Miami should now rule correctly any balls hit in any region of the park. This is a big fix for anyone who likes to frequent those stadiums. Other changes have been made, too, but you can find those in the full list of MLB The Show 19 1.15 update patch notes below.

MLB The Show 19 1.15 Update Patch Notes

MLB The Show 19 1.15 update patch notes

Don’t strike out—have a read through the complete list of MLB The Show 19 1.15 update patch notes below, courtesy of Sony:


  • Minor gameplay tuning on Legend difficulty in Diamond Dynasty: Smaller timing window resulting in some tipped fouls being converted into a swing and miss. This is in addition to the changes made to the timing window in update 1.13.
  • Fixed an issue that would result in the catcher not being able to immediately throw the ball after a pitch out. This issue was specific to the Button Accuracy setting within Online Games.


  • Updates to MLB stadiums where balls hit to a specific region were not being ruled correctly. Stadiums include: Citi Field, Fenway Park, and Old Miami.
  • Minor UI adjustments throughout the game.