Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide

Power over matter

Although there are always exceptions to the rule, raising your DPS (damage per second) is

a priority if you’re aiming to level quickly. There are four attributes in Guild Wars 2 (power,

precision, vitality, toughness) but only two of them directly increase your damage output.

When given an option on what item to receive after story missions and when looking for new

gear on the trading post try to aim for a mix of power and precision. Depending on which class

you play one may be even more beneficial than the other, but a mix of both is a safe bet.

The more the merrier

Guild Wars 2 is designed around the concept that competition doesn’t breed a healthy leveling

environment. As a result, you can help others kill mobs and still receive full experience gains

after the enemy is taken down. The quickest way to earn experience is to try and group with

other players and roll through zones carving a path through everything that gets in your way.

Live off the land

Crafting and gathering are rewarded heavily. Make sure you’re always carrying plenty of

mining picks, logging axes, and harvesting sickles so when you run across a node you can take

advantage of it. When you feel you have a hefty amount of materials lying around head to the

nearest city and pick up a couple of professions of your choice. Use the materials you gathered

to craft a handful of items and watch that experience bar fill up like it’s nothing.

Bling bling

Every bit of damage counts and a single jewel can increase your power and precision by upward

of 10 or even 20 points. You can find jewels and sigils for free while gathering, or you can

purchase them for a reasonable price on the trading post. Whatever the case, make sure all

applicable gear is gemmed for damage. Keep in mind that the level of the item you apply a

jewel or sigil to must meet the requirement indicated.

Stay on the move

Tons of experience is earned from exploring, completing vistas, gathering, and finding points

of interest. If you’re standing around then you’re missing out on an opportunity to earn free

experience points. There are several zones available for each level, so you’re best off relocating

to another one if you find yourself stalling.

Dungeons and WvW are inefficient

Sometimes a break is in order, and Guild Wars 2’s variety of dungeons and compelling WvW

environment are a great way to break the monotony. However, neither grants enough

experience to be considered efficient, so if you’re in a hurry to hit 80 then avoid anything but

outdoor leveling areas and story missions at all costs.

Story missions are your friend

Every couple levels a new story mission will open up to you. Story missions take anywhere from

10-45 minutes, but all of them grant a significant amount of experience in addition to powerful

gear. If you get stuck on a particular mission ask a friend or guild-mate for help, but don’t

neglect the missions because they’re your friend.

Use your collectible inventory

There are so many items in Guild Wars 2 you’ll be dying for a U-Haul by the time you’re level

15. However, ArenaNet was kind enough to create a storage area separate from the bank and

personal inventory called collection where components used to craft, jewels, and more can

be stored. All you have to do is open your inventory, click the gear toward the top-right of the

panel and then ‘Send to collection’. Voila! You’re no longer carrying 200 lbs of gear!

Don’t die

This might sound obvious but nothing breaks your momentum more than dying. Use dodge to

avoid massive attacks, kite if needed, and don’t pull more enemies than you can deal with.

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