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Mortal Kombat 11 July Update Patch Notes | Bug fixes and more

These Mortal Kombat 11 July update patch notes are not the balance changes you want. After all, they are only hitting the PC and Switch versions of the game and not the PS4 and Xbox One versions. And while they still don’t contain any big Erron Black nerfs or D’Vorah buffs, they do, speaking of bugs, contain some bug fixes. But some of these go beyond some patching up some holes.

Mortal Kombat 11 July Update Patch Notes | PC fixes

The PC version mainly has some bug fixes specific to the platform like vague issues with the mouse and keyboard input and audio being played in the background after the player minimizes the game. However, there are a couple that are a little more noteworthy. Facial animations have been fixed in intros and the Kustomize tab if players are playing in the 60 frames per second mode.

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Compression in the Krypt has also been adjusted, meaning it should run better. If true, this would be great since this area of the game has performance issues on all platforms.

Mortal Kombat 11 July Update Patch Notes | Switch fixes

The Switch version of the patch has got some bigger notes. There are general stability improvements to the Towers of Time, Krypt and Koliseum Beast Pen arena. So hopefully the game doesn’t lock up as much or drop frames as often while cruising through towers, opening chests, or fighting on that certain map.

And while there are some other small bug fixes too like Skeleton Keys now giving proper rewards in the Krypt, there is one area where the Switch now has a feature the other systems don’t have (yet). The second player can now use and modify fighter variations from the first player’s lineup. Guest players were previously locked to pre-selected variations and gear, which was awfully limiting especially given the game’s emphasis on customization. Now, local players can also join in on the customization. As was previously stated, this feature is not in the other versions of the game but hopefully it will be added soon.

Mortal Kombat 11 July Update Patch Notes | Full patch notes

Here are the full Mortal Kombat 11 July update patch notes:


• Fixed an issue with facial animations not running in Intros and Kustomize section when playing the game in 60 FPS mode.

• Adjusted compression of Krypt files and particle packaging to improve performance.

• Fixed in issue of the infinite sound effect loop when summoning a Character Tower

• Fixed an issue with Audio being played in the background after minimizing.

• Fixed an issue with non-English characters not being displayed in the Kombat Kard

• Fixed an issue with inputs responsible for abilities being incorrectly displayed during the loading screens

• Fixed an issue with Player 2’s RGB keyboard showing the LED colour scheme for Player 1’s character in Online matches.

• Fixed an issue with RGB LED colour scheme not reflecting the usable keys in the shop.

• Fixed an issue with displayed prompts in variations not being reflected for the other players input device.

• Fixed an issue with usernames not being displayed in the Kombat Breakdown in Steam

• Fixed an issue with Shang Tsung’s welcome messages not displaying in the Krypt

• Fixed multiple minor issues with Mouse/Keyboard input

• Localization updates and fixes.


• Improved stability in Towers of Time and Klassic Towers.

• Improved stability in the Krypt.

• Fixed a crash when viewing replays following an online match.

• Fixed a crash when attempting to re-enter a tower after returning to character select.

• Fixed a lighting glitch during a specific Johnny Cage Fatality.

• Fixed several bugs related to stage interactables.

• Allow guest playing as Player 2 to use and modify Player 1’s custom variations.

• Certain skeleton key doors in the Krypt now give the proper rewards.

• In the Krypt, prevent some hanging bodies from respawning after they’ve been speared.

• Improved performance in the Koliseum Beast Pen stage.